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Are the flexibility, the possibility of including more of a menu, many submenus and all this being cross-browser. It is still a project in evolution and constant improvement.

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See Also:
  • JavaScript.CoolDev.Com - COOLjsTree and COOLjsMenu navigation scripts with online builders. [Free for personal use and commercial Pro versions]
  • Mapb Menu - Are the flexibility, the possibility of including more site navigation of a menu, many submenus and all this site navigation being cross-browser. It is still a project in site navigation evolution and constant improvement.
  • Tigra Tree Menu - JavaScript DHTML navigation system for the web sites site navigation and web applications. Product looks and acts exactly site navigation as Microsoft Windows Tree Control. [Freeware]
  • Outline Style Menu Generator - Flicker-free outline style menu generator. [Free and commercial versions]
  • XML Menu - Provides a client-site web menu described by XML, javascript loaded with Ajax and presented with CSS. [Commercial]
  • SmartMenus DHTML Menu - An advanced and accessible list-based/CSS driven website menu. Simple-to-use and highly cross-browser. Free for personal and non-commercial web sites. Fee applied for commercial use. [Windows/Mac/Linux]
  • dhtmlxToolbar - A free JavaScript toolbar with high functionality, XML scripts support, cross-browser compatibility and rich API.
  • Scriptforest Popup Menu Builder - A configurable dynamic HTML web menu solution. [Shareware]
  • ACEMenu - Cross-browser navigation menu that can be configured as a horizontal javascript menu bar, vertical side menu, image rollover menu or popup javascript menu associated with hyperlinks or image maps. [Shareware]
  • Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu - A Windows Explorer-like view of links. Feature rich while scripts being easily customizable and compatible with non-JavaScript browsers.
  • Visual Menu - Cross-browser, JavaScript DHTML menu with visual menu builder. site navigation CSS is used to set the look and site navigation feel of a menu. [Windows, Commercial]
  • dhtmlxTree - Javascript navigation component with XML support, dynamical loading, scripts cross-browser/multiplatform compatibility and powerful client-side API. Has drag-and-drop scripts (within one tree, between trees) and checkboxes (two/three scripts states). [Free and commercial version
  • Indented Menu Generator - Simple indented menu generator for 4+ browsers from javascript Propix. [Freeware].
  • JBmenu - Provides a tool for making menus on a web page.
  • JavaScript Tree by drop - A Windows Explorer style tree menu with unlimited number of levels.
  • Menus JavaScript and DHTML - Examples of different dynamic menus with installation guides, FAQ, and site navigation scripts' history.
  • Tigra Menu - Allows unlimited levels and multiple menus per page. javascript Supports custom site navigation effects and geometry.
  • Jump Box Navigation Menu - The script is written in both JavaScript and scripts Perl/CGI. Normally scripts the script redirects site visitors from scripts one page to the scripts other by using JavaScript, scripts however, if a site visitor has scripts JavaScript disabled, scripts the Perl/CGI script will run as a backup.
  • AllWebMenus - Javascript menu and executable creator. Many amateur and javascript professional features with cross browser functionality.
  • WebMenu Maker - Helps on creating DHTML pop-up menu. By Excellence site navigation Software, Inc. [Windows, Commercial]
  • Treeview - A JavaScript/DHTML webcontrol that shows folders and links in an site navigation hierarchical, collapsible outliner. Same look and feel of Windows Explorer. site navigation Easily set-up with online Visual Builder. Compatible with IE and site navigation NS. Optional: connection to database.
  • CooljsTree - Advanced JavaScript tree menu with full cross-browser compatibility.
  • AJMenu - A versatile DHTML/JavaScript navigation menu that can be configured to act as a horizontal menu bar or vertical menu.
  • SoftDrawer jsTree - A JavaScript tree menu. It offers not only javascript a lot of interesting and customizable features like javascript cool animation effects but also full cross-browser compatibility. javascript [Freeware]
  • Accessible Website Menu - A fully-featured DHTML menu which is also WAI javascript "AAA" and javascript Section 508 compliant. It is accessible javascript to screenreaders, to people javascript who don’t or can’t javascript use a mouse, and to text-only javascript browsers such javascript as search-engine robots.
  • T-Menu - Dynamic XHTML Menu system that works in W3C javascript compliant browser.
  • Nornix - Provides a cross browser tree menu built with web standards. [LGPL]
  • Deluxe Menu - A powerful Javascript/DHTML menu with a many of javascript features, parameters. javascript [Free for non-profit sites]
  • dhtmlxMenu - A customizable Javascript menu with cross-browser compatibility, rich site navigation functionality javascript and XML support. It enables to generate site navigation horizontal or javascript vertical navigation bar for web site site navigation or application. [Free javascript for non-commercial use]
  • COOLjsMenu - Advanced javascript drop-down/popup menu with a lot of site navigation features and full cross-browser compatibility.
  • Milonic DHTML Navigational Menu - A free, cross browser DHTML JavaScript menu script that has scroll following abilities, transitions and other editable parameters. Works in Opera, Netscape 4/6, Mozilla and all IE browsers version 4 or above.
  • Tabkey - Tabbed navigation script - A quite customizable tabbed navigation script. Works under modern browsers site navigation (Internet Explorer 6, Opera 7, Mozilla, Firefox).

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