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Learn how to load the game pieces, move the snake around, and interact with the user. For IE5 and Nav5/Netscape Gecko.

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  • Accessing HTML attributes using the DOM - Among the many talents of the DOM is javascript its ability to retrieve and modify attributes inside javascript HTML elements.
  • Shirans' DOM, Part I: Object Structure - How to use DOM properties. Object structure of technical articles and javascript technotes a simple HTML page and a table.
  • Visualizing DOM Level 1 - Downloadable diagram. Shows DOM1 interfaces, attributes, and methods. Useful as technical articles and technotes overview of the DOM and for looking up the exact technical articles and technotes method name you need while programming.
  • Shirans' DOM, Part IV: Manipulating Documents - Using properties and methods to manipulate documents. removeNode, replaceNode, and swapNode.
  • Shirans' DOM-Based Snakes Game, Part II - Learn how to load the game pieces, move technical articles and w3c dom technotes the snake around, and interact with the user. technical articles w3c dom and technotes For IE5 and Nav5/Netscape Gecko.
  • Shirans' DOM, Part V: More Methods - Creating an HTML tag node and text node. Cloning a javascript node. How to append or connect a child to a javascript parent. How to nominate a parent to a child.
  • A W3C DOM Table of Contents (Part I) - Building a table of contents using the W3C javascript DOM. Properties technical articles and technotes and methods. Finding headers and an javascript element's contents.
  • Shirans' DOM, Part II: Lists and HTML Pages - Object structure of an unordered list (UL), a descriptive list w3c dom (DL), and a complex HTML document.
  • Shirans' DOM, Part III: Bugs - Look at some bugs in IE5\\'s implementation of the W3C\\'s new DOM. Learn what to look for, and how to work around them. Practice some more document analysis and DOM synthesis. W3C\\'s new DOM is supported only by Internet Explorer 5.0 and up, as well as Netsca
  • The DOM in Version 5 Browsers - Version 4 browser DOM incompatibilities. Model-View-Controller design pattern. w3c dom List of nodes in XML and HTML documents. w3c dom Important methods.
  • Whitespace in the DOM - Article covering techniques and tips about the presence of whitespaces w3c dom in the DOM.
  • Shirans' DOM-Based Sliding Puzzle - Classic "unscramble the sliding puzzle" game. Creating elements; filling an array; handling mouse clicks.
  • Introduction to the DOM of IE5/N6 - Concise overview of W3C DOM-based programming for Nav6 and IE5. w3c dom Covers browser detection, adding elements, hiding/showing elements, and animation.
  • Shirans' DOM-Based Snakes Game, Part I - Learn how to plan and architect a DOM-based game. Includes technical articles and technotes new browser sniffer.
  • A W3C DOM Table of Contents (Part II) - Building a table of contents using the W3C Document Object Model, Part 2. Making it live. Building the tree.
  • Traversing an HTML Table with JavaScript and DOM Interfaces - Learn DOM Core Level 1.0 methods and how technical articles and technotes to use them from JavaScript to dynamically create, technical articles and technotes access and remove HTML elements.

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