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Lua distribution with many useful libraries, that can be loaded dynamically, or built into the interpreter. Makes Lua more usable as stand-alone language.

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LuaForge* - Hosts over 200 open source projects, over 500 registered users; much of the Lua community is here; GForge installation; free repository for project management, categorization, issue tracking; descriptions, news, downloads, links, site statistics.

  • TkLua - Tk to Lua binding. Freeware.
  • LuaJava - Scripting tool for Java; lows scripts coded in tools Lua manage lua components coded in Java, with no tools need for declarations or lua any kind of preprocessing.
  • PowerBLua - PowerBASIC wrapper for calling Lua functions.
  • CPB - Lua to C/C++ binding library. Open source, free.
  • Doris - Lua binding to OpenGL graphics API and GLUI lua OpenGL widget tools set. Open source, GPL.
  • Kepler Project - Lua Web development platform, has CGILua, LuaSQL, and other libraries, languages open source and binary distributions.
  • Luabind - Library to make bindings between C++ and Lua; description, manual, links. Rasterbar Software. Open source, MIT license.
  • LuaSocket - Lua extension library; gives support for TCP and tools UDP transport layers within Lua.
  • Lua Player - Script player for Sony PSP; makes writing games lua for PSP somewhat easier.
  • toLua - Simplifies integrating C/C++ code with Lua, automatically generates lua binding code tools to access C/C++ features from Lua; lua maps C/C++ constants, external tools variables, functions, classes, and lua methods to Lua, via Lua API tools and tag lua method facilities. Freeware.
  • LuaJIT - Just-in-time (JIT) compiler for Lua. [Open source, MIT/X license]
  • Lua Cheia - Lua distribution with many useful libraries, that can lua be loaded lua dynamically, or built into the interpreter. lua Makes Lua more usable lua as stand-alone language.
  • Plua - Port of Lua 4.0, plus a small IDE, for PalmOS tools handheld devices.
  • LuaEdit - Lua 5.0 IDE, debugger, script editor: syntax highlighting, languages completion proposal tools list, parameter proposition engine, advance breakpoint languages management, watches, project oriented tools management, lists functions, variables languages (global, local).
  • Lua.NET - Project integrates Lua with Common Language Infrastructure, a lua framework for language interoperability.
  • Ldb - Lua debugger. Free for academic, non profit use.
  • CGILua - Uses Lua as server-side scripting language to make tools dynamic Webpages. Supports pure Lua scripts and HTML tools templates, which can be handled via CGI, FastCGI, tools mod_lua, ISAPI, and other APIs.
  • Decoda - A Lua IDE and graphical debugger with source code control languages (SCC) support, syntax highlighting.

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