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This category contains links to sites with PostNuke Modules. In specific, this category is for sites that are designed for a single PostNuke Modules. Module collections can be found in PostNuke/Modules/Collections.

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Editor's Picks:

PostNuke Modules Database* - Official site offering information about all of the officially known modules for PostNuke.

  • FormExpress - Form creation module that allows as either pages modules or as modules site blocks [Open Source, GPL].
  • pnAffiliate - Affiliate module for use in the PostNuke System [Open Source, content management GPL].
  • Books - Flexible book module that can easily support additional media types modules [Open Source, GPL].
  • PN-Concert - Concert information and calendar management system for use in a PostNuke website [Open Source, GPL].
  • Amazon - Integrates an associate account store to display modules within a content management PostNuke website [Open Source, GPL].
  • MyNukeGenealogy - A family ancestry module for use in PostNuke-based content management genealogy content management websites [Open Source, GPL].
  • YellowPHP - A multi-lingual yellowpages module for use in PostNuke [Open Source, content management GPL].
  • pnEncyclopedia - Encyclopedia intended for the creation of the open encyclopedia on a PostNuke website. Users can submit new terms and offer changes to current ones but an editor can accept or reject the requested changes [Open Source, GPL].
  • PNphpBB2 - Modified version of phpBB2 for better integration and functionality on a PostNuke system including a site block. Support is provided by forums, documentation and a demo forum [Open Source, GPL].
  • Gallery - A flexible and multi-featured photo album system for PostNuke. modules Sample galleries are provided on-site as a demonstration of it modules in action [Open Source, GPL].
  • Ringlink - Webring module allows member ringmasters and their member webmasters to modules manage and use the Ringlink Webring System as modules hosted from a PostNuke-generated website using its MySQL database. [Open modules source, GPL]
  • pnCGI:IRC - Allows integration of the CGI:IRC webchat script into a PostNuke modules website [Open Source, GPL].
  • PostGuestbook - A pnAPI compliant Guestbook module that uses templates postnuke and smarty for site presentation [Open Source, GPL].

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