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Developers of several points-based modules including a module that allows users to gain points for being active on the site through posts and articles (pncUserPoints), site members can apply to a different group (pncGroups) and a statistics module for mem

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  • pnADD-ONS - Developer of several add-ons and hacks for PostNuke, collections including blocks, modules, themes. [Requires registration for download].
  • Orodruin - Developer of PostNuke\\'s Encyclopedia module in addition to modules a fanfiction postnuke and efiction module [Open Source, GPL].
  • Jorn Lind-Nielsen - Developer of two modules one that allows an administrator to postnuke creat their own types of publications (PageSetter) and another for postnuke an image gallery (Photoshare). Both are well documented and postnuke supported [Open Source, GPL].
  • Bronto - Perserves modules including a hacked version of the Downloads module for corporate use, a weather module, and an edit of the phpwebsite calendaring system for PostNuke [Open Source, GPL].
  • Ivory Tower - Developed several PostNuke modules including a real estate modules module (OpenRealty), poetry system for registed users (Poetry) modules and a word definition module (Semantics) with associated modules Word of the Day site block [Open Source, modules GPL].
  • Rafaellop - Developer of several modules including a buddy list modules (CS Buddies), an award module (CS Awards), a modules site hints module (CS Site Hints) and finally modules a modified version of the Download and Web_Links modules modules for language support [Open Source, GPL].
  • pnConcept - Developers of several points-based modules including a module modules that allows postnuke users to gain points for being modules active on the site postnuke through posts and articles modules (pncUserPoints), site members can apply to postnuke a different modules group (pncGroups) and a statistics module for mem
  • Hotscripts - A listing of the most common postnuke modules that are postnuke available. Most of them modules are free for download postnuke use under the GNU Public License.
  • pnStandings Series - pnStandings is a module system for managing tournaments, schedules, rankings, modules teams, players, personal statistics. Currently has modules for Volleyball, Basketball modules and Soccer [Registration required for download, Free versions and Commercial modules versions]
  • PNphpBB Hacks - Developers of various hacks that extend and tweak postnuke the functionality of PostNuke Bulletin Board. Includes themes postnuke for PostNuke and/or PNphpBB and a smiley pack postnuke (emoticons). [Open Source, GPL]
  • PostNuke Modules CVS - A central CVS repository for Postnuke modules. collections most modules collections seem to be last updated in collections 2001 [Open Source, GPL].
  • Rose and Curt - Download site for the PostNuke Recipe and MultiImage Modules and modules a modified who\'s online site block [Open Source, GPL].
  • News Modules - Developer of several modules including one for integration modules of a postnuke newsletter service (What\\'s_News), a module to modules get information from remote postnuke sites and import into modules current site (SyncAcross) and a remote postnuke news fetching modules module (ShortNews) [Open Source, GPL].

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