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Add the content of The Open Directory Project to site. Let search, browse the categories. Also support for targeted advertising.

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See Also:
  • K-Links Directory - Professional link indexing solution. [Commercial]
  • InLink - Commercial portal-solution for running a Yahoo-style directory directly link management from php a web site. Supports SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • K-Search - Pay Per Click/MetaSearch script. [Commercial]
  • Softbiz Link Directory Script - Run own business link directory like dmoz. Customizable php colors and graphics. Demo available.
  • Aardvark Topsites PHP - A top sites script. [Open source, GPL]
  • phpHoo - A script using MySQL that will display a scripts "Yahoo-like" directory.
  • Google API Search Script - Free script to search Google. Can be restricted to search scripts one site and language. Requires Google free license key. [Freeware]
  • DewNewPHPLinks - A search engine, web directory, link exchange open scripts source script. php Includes demo.
  • Monster Top List - Topsites script with webring, dynamic list position imaging, and RSS feeds. [Commercial]
  • LinkBase - Web Software to manage links. Includes installation and php demo.
  • phpYellow Pages - A generic directory builder to create free or link management paid php directory. [Free and commercial versions]
  • cpLinks - Allows the creation of a directory of links link management for scripts a website.
  • Link Up Gold - Features unlimited categories and links, rating system, mail link management lists, scripts editor's pick, sponsors, and multiple languages.
  • LinksCaffePRO - A mySQL/PHP4 portal solution that allows to run php Yahoo-style directory.
  • EXPOW - Scripts that generates directory indexes, written in PHP. link management Can replace Apache directory auto indexer, generate indexes, link management on the fly, with visualization facilities and file link management managing ability. Free software, distributed under GPL Terms.
  • Softbiz Automatic Link Checker - Link validator tool written in PHP helps to link management check link management automatically if a page contain a link link management back to link management site. Helpful especially in link exchange link management or link popularity link management campaigns.
  • eDirectory - Application to manage online directories. Includes news, examples and FAQ.
  • Site Search Pro - A fully-functional search engine for web site. Online demo. [Commercial]
  • Yet Another Link Directory - Link directory script which allows to organize links into unlimited link management categories and subcategories. [Open Source, GPL]
  • ScriptRocket Top Site - Web Software for creating and run Top Sites. [Commercial]
  • PHP Weby directory script - Web directory script that allows to run directory php of links. php Includes demo, features and install guide.
  • qlWebDS - Web software that allows to run web directory. php Includes features, php news, and demo.
  • WSN Links - A fully templated searchable links portal. Option to scripts auto-notify admin of submissions and submitter of approval scripts via email. Users may rate, email, report, and scripts comment on each link. [Free with crediting text scripts in footer, or commercial]
  • SkaLinks - A link manager with link checking and advanced advertisement system. [Freeware]
  • GentleSource Link and Bookmark Manager - Link manager can be used as link section of a scripts website or a personal bookmark manager. You can publish links/bookmarks scripts or hide them behind a login. [Free for private usage scripts and non-profit organizations]
  • My Link Helper - Links manager software. Can be integrated into PHP php page on link management your website.
  • iSearch - A PHP/MySQL script for allowing visitors to a scripts website to perform a search on the contents scripts of the site. Includes multiple language support. [Free scripts and Commercial]
  • phpMyLinks - A Yahoo-style link-management script. Screenshots. Live php demo. [Open scripts source, GPL]
  • phpLinkBid - Link bidding auction script allowing webmasters to start link management their php own paid link directories. [Commercial]
  • PhpDig - A search engine that uses a MySQL database backend. It link management features indexing of both static and dynamic pages and full link management text indexing.
  • X-Power Links - A links management script with advanced, but easy scripts to use scripts admin control panel, fully template driven scripts appearance, static HTML front-end. scripts [Commercial]
  • Free Directory Script - Offers a free feature php based web directory script.
  • Softbiz Resource Repository Script - Run own software repository site like hotscripts. Customizable scripts colors and scripts graphics. Demo available.
  • PHP Link Directory - Software for running a link exchange or professional php directory sorted scripts by categories.
  • Jax Link Lists - An online hyperlink list manager for small link lists.
  • phpOpen - Make a version of the Open Directory with this script.
  • PHP Links - Script that makes it easy to run a php link portal. Includes support forum and demo. [Commercial]
  • FlexPHPLink - A link management system allows to add, edit or delete php links , easy internationalization, cheap customize service. [Freeware]
  • phpLinks - A free link-farm, search engine script that uses MySQL.
  • SmartPPC Power - Uses PHP and MySQL to keep advertiser/affiliate data, listings, full php statistics, payment history, status, settings.
  • phpODP - Add the content of The Open Directory Project to site. scripts Let search, browse the categories. Also support for targeted advertising.

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