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  • Alice Pascal - A syntax directed editor, interpreter and IDE for compilers Pascal. pascal Free source code (linux) plus binaries compilers for IBM PC and pascal Atari ST.
  • Free Pascal Compilers - List of free Pascal compilers and development environments with useful descriptions.
  • Pascal-scm for Atmel AVR - E-LAB Embedded Pascal for Atmel AVR micro-controller.
  • Framework Pascal - 32-bit Pascal compilers for DOS, OS/2, and Windows compilers 9x/NT. compilers Multi-target edition allows you to compile compilers to any platform. Commercial compilers software, but limited demo compilers edition is available for download.
  • Pascal Pro compiler page - A free, open source, 32-bit Pascal compiler that produces assembly languages code for the 386 and above chips.
  • Canterbury Pascal - Compiles Pascal programs directly into Java byte code. compilers Also pascal translates Pascal source into Java.
  • P4 Pascal Implementation - Complete implementation of the P4 Pascal compiler and pascal interpreter. Source for the compiler is available pascal in C and Pascal.
  • Irie Pascal - A compiler that generates portable byte-code executables from Pascal source files, and an interpreter that runs the byte-code executables at Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris/x86, and Solaris/Sparc. The Windows Edition includes an Integrated Development E
  • Pascal Compiler for the 8051 Microcontroller - Cross compiler for the Intel 8051/8052 microcontroller. pascal Accepts standard languages Pascal code and avoids having to pascal program in assembly. languages Freeware.
  • HP OpenVMS Pascal - Was DEC Pascal, then Compaq Pascal, optimizing compiler pascal runs on pascal VAX and Alpha CPUs, OpenVMS and pascal Tru64 Unix OSs, meets pascal Federal Information Processing Standard pascal Publications standard FIPS-109. Descriptions, documents, news, pascal support.
  • Prospero Extended Pascal - Windows 9x/NT Pascal compiler implementing the Extended Pascal pascal language. compilers Includes IDE, debugger, make utilities, and pascal documentation.
  • Nemesis Pascal - A Pascal interpreter. It\\'s Delphi/Kylix compatible. Nemesis Pascal uses internally a modified version of the JEDI Pascal Interpreter. It\\'s cross-platform (currently Windows and Linux) and includes Virtual Machine, IDE (RAD), Web Scripting Tool. [Open sour

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