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Units, packages, and other tools for the Pascal programming language.

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  • MKM Software - Add-on packages extending the graphics and font capabilities of Turbo Pascal and Free Pascal. Contains links to Graphics Vision, an open source project. Other products are mostly shareware and come with object code only.
  • Pasdoc - A documentation generator for Pascal code, with support for Object Pascal. Creates HTML, LaTeX, and PDF docs from comments in the source code [freeware, GPL].
  • Pascal Graphical Environment - PGE is a form of graphical Pascal. It tools is easy languages to use and it is modular tools so that controls can languages be added easily. PGE tools compiles under Turbo Pascal 7. [Open languages source]
  • Graphics Vision - Pixel-oriented graphical reimplementation of Borland\\'s Turbo Vision, targeted for the pascal Free Pascal Compiler.
  • Turbo Pascal Lex/Yacc - a compiler generator for Turbo Pascal and compatibles. The languages package contains two programs, TP Lex and Yacc, which languages are approximately compatible with the UNIX utilities Lex and languages Yacc, but are written in and produce code for the languages Turbo Pascal programming la

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