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See Also:
  • Perl Mailing List Database - Authoritative database for Perl related mailing lists.
  • Perl Forum at Tek-Tips - Perl technical support forums and mutual help system for computer chats and forums professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
  • Perl Quiz of the Week - Archive and information site for the Perl Quiz perl of the perl Week mailing list.
  • perl.beginners - The news group for the people learning Perl.
  • The Buzz - A Win32-centric forum for Perl, Turbo Pascal and Digital TV. chats and forums Includes Perl code snippets for common Perl tasks.
  • CodeComments Perl Forums - Forums and web based access to many programming usenet Perl perl newsgroups, including Perl for beginners, Perl DBI, Perl modules as perl well as general Perl programming.
  • #perl: General Guidelines - Guide to the #perl IRC channel.

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