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Sites offering active discussion spanning a wide variety of computer programming-related topics. Sites that are focused about 75% or more on a particular topic should be listed under that topic (or its Chats_and_Forums subcat should one exist) instead of here.

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DevShed Forums* - A forum for developers of many different technologies including PHP, SQL, ASP, Perl, and Java.

  • Talk about Programming - Talk about programming languages from A to Z.
  • GO4Expert - A forum for developers that wish to discuss programming all major programming programming languages such as C++, Java, programming .NET.
  • Developer's Place - Discussion forum where developers can solve problems and talk about technology. Includes Javascript, CSS, Java, JSP, Actionscript, Delphi, C++, C, C#, Databases, Perl and PHP.
  • Oceanius Networks - A medium size IRC network for teen programmers, and teens resources at heart.
  • Microsoft Forums - Fora for technical questions about Microsoft products and technologies. Overview chats and forums page by language and topic area.
  • ProgrammingTalk - A forum for programmers covering the major programming programming languages and chats and forums technologies.
  • Geo Source Code - Forum with code of many programs and projects: chats and forums programming general topics, data structures, numerical analysis, graphics, compiler chats and forums programming construction, algorithms, system programming; C/C++, Visual C++, PHP, chats and forums programming MySQL, Java, JavaScript, D/X/HTML, CSS, ASP/, JSP, Assembly
  • Programmer to Programmer Forum - Center for the tech community to "meet" to chats and forums ask questions, give answers, and make comments.
  • - Free IT forum and resources for developers and designers.
  • Stack Overflow - A language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site resources for programmers. resources Questions and answers displayed by user resources votes and tags.
  • Young Computer Programmers Forum - A forum aimed at helping younger people that programming are interested programming in computer programming.
  • Programming Forums - Help forum for application development and script programming.

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