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Active VB discussion for all programmer levels. General topics like database and API programming, as well as specialized forums for game, directx and those just getting started.

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  • Visual Basic Discussion Forums - Active VB discussion for all programmer levels. General languages topics like visual basic database and API programming, as well languages as specialized forums for visual basic game, directx and those languages just getting started.
  • A1VBCode Forums - Forum for visual basic, .net, asp and developers.
  • Experts' Exchange - Programmers can exchange information and solve problems through mutual discussions here. Features a great discussion thread and voluntary mailing list. Pays to register for the free membership.
  • - Topics include game programming, DirectX, .NET, and API.
  • Tek-Tips VB.NET Forum - VB.NET technical support forum and mutual help system visual basic for computer professionals.
  • Forums - Helper forums for VB-related problems resolving.
  • Visual Basic Yahoo Club - A club dedicated to the learning of the Visual Basic languages language from beginner to advanced.
  • CodeGuru Forums - Visual Basic Programming - Visual Basic articles, discussions and resources. All focusing languages on visual basic developers.
  • MOLiSoft Group - Yahoo group to share knowledge and improve programming skills in chats and forums Visual Basic.
  • Visual Basic 6.0 Forum - The niche portal for experienced VB and Windows visual basic web chats and forums developers. Articles, forums and sample code.
  • - Ask or answer questions about anything related to programming in Visual Basic.
  • VB Chat - Free real time chat for Visual Basic developers.
  • Tek-Tips: Visual Basic 3 and 4 Forum - Technical support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals.
  • ITtoolbox Visual Basic Discussion Groups - Technical and functional discussion of Visual Basic programming environment.
  • Wrox Resource Center - Visual Basic mail lists run by programmers for languages programmers, provided languages by Wrox Press.
  • Xtreme VB Talk - Interactive visual basic programming forum. Topics include API, languages DirectX, and languages game programming.
  • Tek-Tips Visual Basic 5 and 6 Forum - Forums and links for Visual Basic programmers.

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