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Free tips, source code and downloads for Visual Basic. Message board facility is available to post queries. By Tincani Andrea.

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VB Center* - Visual Basic tips, tricks, tutorials, source code, game programming articles, resources.

  • Microbolt Network - VB Page - VB information including tutorials, vb-created programs, Custom OCX visual basic Controls, resources and source code examples.
  • K & K Consulting's VB Guru - Ask the guru, FAQ, book store, tips, code and snippets, resources tutorials, links.
  • - VB - Articles concerning VB advanced features, with general developer\'s forum.
  • EDais - A resource of graphics programming examples, articles and visual basic source code in Visual Basic.
  • Reliable Answers - Visual Basic - Visual Basic sources, samples, links, and related information.
  • Learning Visual Basic - At A collection of articles, links and discussions about resources Visual Basic.
  • Edward Moth's Visual Basic Resources - Information and code for Print Preview, working with visual basic the DHTML Edit component, MSHTML Editing and a visual basic Database coder with source codes.
  • The VB and VBA Users Resource Center - Excel Workbook rebuilder, NetSend 3, Excel Sub Classer, visual basic API examples and a large catologue of VB/VBA visual basic code. Also includes online code and discussion newsgroups visual basic (all free).
  • Andrea VB Programming and Downloads - Free tips, source code and downloads for Visual Basic. Message languages board facility is available to post queries. By Tincani Andrea.
  • The VB Zone - Visual Basic resource for beginners and experts. Sample visual basic code, sample projects, howto lessons, downloads, and links.
  • VB Techniques - Original technical articles, reviews of books and products, visual basic links.
  • Developer Fusion - VB - Applications, tools; books, magazines, tutorials, articles; components; news, languages events; reviews; languages sample code; tips; training; links to languages websites.
  • Visual Basic Thunder - VB Source Code, Reviews, Help, Reference, Software and resources Tutorials.
  • Planet Source Code - Source code, programs, tutorials and help.
  • Martrinex - VBCodes - VB Tutorials, Links and an Assortment of downloadable projects (with source code) including games, databases, and clocks.
  • Programmershelp: Visual Basic Section - VB links, tutorials, references, articles, downloads, ActiveX controls and books.
  • Visual Basic Instinct - VB-related News, Books, References, Source Code Downloads and visual basic Tips.
  • Visual Basic Programming Zone - VB code, samples, utilities, and tutorials. Includes a five-lesson "Learn Visual Basic" course.
  • VB ActiveX Toolbox - Code tricks and tips for faster, more versatile languages applications, with languages screenshots and step by step directions.
  • Howling Wolf Consulting Services - Features books, articles, and a questions and answers forum devoted resources to VB, VBA, VBScript, and VB.NET programming.
  • VBnet - VB Code, FAQ, Tutorials, Links, Search Engine and languages API Index.
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