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Source code examples and half finished programs. Some are in quite early development, and some are to a useable state.

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Planet Source Code* - Thousands of lines of Visual Basic, vbscript, java, javascript and active server pages code.

  • Visual Basic Code - Free code. Copy and paste code from your languages browser directly visual basic into Visual Basic.
  • VB Games 6 - Visual Basic games and projects.
  • A1VBCode - Hundreds of snippets and downloads in all categories including languages games, databases, ActiveX, API, and ASP. Submit your own code languages and win prizes.
  • vbCity - Very interesting code. Including how to bind VB visual basic controls to Active X controls, a print spool visual basic monitor, and master/detail projects.
  • SearchVB - One of the most complete VB resources on source code the net. Source code for almost every want source code or desire.
  • Namespace Edanmo - VB.NET classes and libraries (all with source code visual basic included) languages for WinForms and ASP.Net.
  • Merrion Computing Ltd - Code and articles for all levels of programming knowledge.
  • Jahedsoft - Listing of unsorted code samples. Mostly API.
  • VBTown - Tips and tricks, source code, freeware ActiveX and languages OCX controls, source code links to other programming sites, and languages a discussion group.
  • VB RAD Home Page - Advanced source code. There is a small number languages of beginner visual basic examples also.
  • Visual Basic Collection - Visual basic programming tutorials ,documents ,tips and tricks visual basic and visual basic source code.
  • Brad's VB-32 Programs and Samples - A collection of 32 bit freeware programs and languages code samples for the intermediate and advanced developer languages familiar with the Win32 API.
  • - Provide CD-ROM contains a rich collection of 2100 VB, VB.Net, visual basic VBA codes, examples, exercises and projects. It contains a bounty visual basic of technical programming information, including sample codes on web application, visual basic multimedia, games, database, Windows operation
  • BlackBeltVB - Code for the most experienced programmer. Contains a lot of code from DevX and VBPJ.
  • - All code is tested before being posted.
  • Programmershelp - Various Visual Basic code snippets.
  • ActiveLock - Open source ActiveX control to protect programs from visual basic piracy and allow online registration.
  • The Coding Box - Includes Space Invaders and a Netbus clone.
  • Nico's VB Page - Includes a kids math checker, math functions, an LED clock, and how to access server logs. VB5.
  • Kedar's Programs - A collection of free programs written in Visual source code Basic languages and Java by Kedar Kanitkar. This website source code includes games, languages utilities.
  • Nigels Page Of Half-Finished VB Programs - Source code examples and half finished programs. Some source code are in quite early development, and some are source code to a useable state.
  • The Source Sanctuary - Site by Christian Ernst Rysgaard. SourceSafe Directory Sync, Clipboard Ramifications, Labyrinth Generator, Frontpage 2000 webbot projects with sources.
  • VB6 String Handling Functions - Information about a DLL/Type Library that gives Visual visual basic Basic many extra string handling functions.
  • Venky's World - Includes samples on the MSN and Yahoo! IM languages formats. Complete languages code and code snips for many languages projects.
  • The Visual Basic Cell - Offers source and step by step tutorials. Also has many descriptions of MS Knowledge base articles.
  • Visual Basic 911 - Sample projects, FAQs, tips, and resources.
  • Focus on Visual Basic - This site contains various code samples including how visual basic to source code write 3D graphics applications in Visual Basic visual basic and DirectX.
  • Visual Basic Code Exchange - Several projects. Most deal with graphics and images.
  • Developer Workshop - Source Code Depot - Several functions including how to convert numbers between visual basic bases, languages check to see if a year is visual basic a leap languages year, and how to create threads.
  • Vipin Shetty - Code includes how to see text in a source code password source code box, an email and newsgroup reader, desktop source code shortcuts, counting source code words in a textbox, and encryption.
  • CodeGuru - Code is categorized by name and type. Includes a section visual basic on Shell commands.
  • Shrinkwrap Visual Basic - Examples of video capture techniques.
  • VBSight - VB Code Samples - VB5 and VB6 code samples.
  • The Visual Basic Users Code Library - The VB and VBA users code library. Contains languages a VAST languages library of free source code. The languages code samples include API, languages SQL, ADO, ADOX, MAPI, languages ADO.NET, VB.NET, VB.NET Interop.
  • - A code bank full of actually useful code, created by a small group of expert programmers.
  • Theodore's Visual Basic Site - Information for beginners and pro\\'s, freeware source, projects, programming tips, source code links, message board, and chat room.
  • - Resource site containing quite a bit of code.
  • IT Toolbox - Listing of submitted code. Similar to Planet Source source code Code.
  • IPDG3 - Programming knowledgebase with some code samples for several source code languages.
  • Programmers Heaven - Visual Basic Zone - Source code categorized by file type and other resources.
  • One-Stop Source Shop - The collected works of Karl E. Peterson, author visual basic of source code numerous articles and samples.
  • TheScarms Visual Basic Code Library - Provides solutions to many hard to solve programming visual basic issues. source code Many solutions rely heavily on the Microsoft visual basic Windows API source code functions.
  • Lurch's Visual Basic Site - Sample code for manipulating AOL. Also has other interesting API languages calls.
  • Arcata Pet - Collection of code samples coded by Don Bradner, languages including writing languages to and reading from the registry. languages (VB 3,4, and 5)
  • Dutch's Software - Includes getting file names, long file names, parsing source code strings, languages getting Windows and system directories, and passing source code a control languages array.
  • AckyNet Visual Basic - Game, winsock, and graphics examples. Categorized.
  • VB Helper - Examples, tips and tricks, free downloads, algorithms, and visual basic free visual basic ActiveX Controls. Also has some book reviews.
  • The Visual Basic Index - Categorized code site.
  • Winsite - Includes an assistant for internet stock trades, a source code Cold Fusion assistant, and an EMC realtime simulation source code program.
  • Hello World - The standard "Hello World" application for beginners.
  • Extreme VB - Files categorized into several sections including I/O, Web, languages winsock, databases, source code subclassing, and OCX.
  • Visual Basic Explorer - Source Code - A nice collection of useful source code.
  • OpenNap: Open Source Napster Server - Includes source for Napster type servers. Napster protocols visual basic are visual basic also listed.
  • Scott's Sample Code - This site contains lots of sample code for languages Visual Basic. The code samples cover different areas languages and include a class which calculates sunrise and languages sunset.
  • WolfeByte Solutions - Visual Basic Source Code for making Calendar, Clock, source code Slider, Scheduler and Command Button controls by using source code only a Picturebox. The Button control is source code free and provides an example of how these source code controls are made. All of the VB source code Source Code for these compone
  • Dr. X - Included here are ActiveX, menu, forms, mouse controls, graphics and source code multimedia examples.
  • Visual Basic Code - A collection of sample code and downloads for visual basic Visual Basic. Most of which cover varies visual basic topics and skill levels from COM/ActiveX, winsock, database.
  • Visual Basic Code Source - A website with various source code and resources for Visual visual basic Basic and Visual Basic.Net.
  • Kather Source Code - Free code and utilities. Includes a working with Access databases visual basic section.

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