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Site is all about perl, hacking, cryptography and computer security. Original perl scripts and tools, hacking tutorials, cryptography and links.

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  • - Small collection of Perl scripts focusing on spam abatement and perl hacker deterrence for the Linux system administrator. Also iptables firewall perl configuration and Sendmail configuration.
  • Dolan, Christopher J. - Contributor to CPAN and several other open-source projects. perl Weblog, projects, and contact information.
  • Roux, Stephane - haBEtt - Articles about web programming with Perl, philosophy of perl web design perl and more or less abstract subjects.
  • Jenkins, Stephen B. (Erudil) - Senior programmer/analyst for the National Research Council, Canada. Links, publications, personal pages and obfuscated code he has written.
  • Rimmer, Nathan - Bio. Internet Connection Analyser, slideshow Perl scripts.
  • Cozens, Simon - Preacher, artist, author and Perl programmer; author of personal pages numerous languages modules and Advanced Perl Programming, 2nd Ed.
  • Igumnov, Victor - Perl examples and articles with a particular focus on using the language for web development.
  • Burke, Sean M. - Author of "Perl and LWP", numerous CPAN modules languages for handling POD, XML, and HTML, and various languages articles in The Perl Journal.
  • Cardwell, Dave - Freelance Perl programmer and author of several CPAN personal pages modules perl discussing Perl and Catalyst.
  • Brown, Peter F. - Specializes in Perl and MySQL Web Database Programming. languages He\\'s the perl author of "FutureSQL", an Open Source languages web interface to MySQL perl databases. Programs with sources, languages poems.
  • Wardley, Andy B. - Creator of the Template Toolkit and various other languages CPAN modules. perl The site also describes hobbies such languages as kites and boards.
  • Napiorkowski, John - Personal blog focusing on Perl web application development personal pages using Catalyst, Moose and DBIx::Class. Includes photos, profile personal pages and his interests.
  • Tregar, Sam - Author of HTML::Template, Krang, and "Writing Perl Modules personal pages for perl CPAN". Projects, weblog, biography, and interests.
  • Hietaniemi, Jarkko - Maintainer of the CPAN, Perl 5 pumpking, module and book author.
  • Randal, Allison - President of the Perl Foundation. Weblog, talks, and personal pages publications.
  • Ramberg, Marcus - Perl discussion from the developer of the Catalyst personal pages framework, DBIx::Class, and numerous other projects.
  • Effective Perl by Joseph N. Hall - Weblog by the author of "Effective Perl Programming", with tips, idioms, and other topics related to the book.
  • OkIDaN's Perl Paradise - Site is all about perl, hacking, cryptography and computer security. personal pages Original perl scripts and tools, hacking tutorials, cryptography and links.
  • Szabo, Gabor - International Perl trainer and developer, specializing in automated quality assurance perl and web backend development. Author of CPAN::Forum.
  • Kranendonk, Len - About, photos, hobbies and work. Short Perl course personal pages available languages in Dutch. Collection Perl oneliners. Also Perl personal pages links.
  • Poslušný, Jan - Freelance Perl developer, includingApache, mod_perl, PostgreSQL, JavaScript/AJAX. Includes resume and description of projects.
  • Vromans, Johan - Author of the Perl Quick Reference and the personal pages Getopt::Long module. Includes articles, talks, music, and consulting.
  • Conway, Damian - Lecturer at Monash University, Australia. Author of Object personal pages Oriented personal pages Perl, Perl Best Practices, and the Parse::RecDescent personal pages module; one personal pages of the lead designers of Perl personal pages 6.
  • Guttman, Uri - Perl programmer, consultant, technical editor, and member of personal pages the perl Perl Foundation; author of File::ReadBackwards and File::Slurp.
  • Tubert-Brohman, Ivan - Chemist and Perl programmer, author of AnnoCPAN and personal pages PerlMol. personal pages Pictures, anectdotes, resume, bookmarks, and some personal pages scientific software.
  • Nandor, Chris (Pudge) - Slash and MacPerl developer; runs Journal, modules, and projects.
  • Meltzer, Kevin - Author of \\'Writing CGI Applications with Perl\\' book. personal pages Resume, personal pages author\\'s articles, Perl poetry, list Perl books personal pages author suggest personal pages read.
  • Tang, Autrijus - Founder of the Pugs project, author of over languages a hundred CPAN distributions, internationalization advocate, activist, and languages artist.
  • Bjørn Hansen, Ask - Weblog by this Perl developer, webmaster, and personal pages Perl Foundation member.
  • Clark, Nicholas - Pumpkinkg for perl 5.8.x. Talks, pictures, CV, and links to personal pages other projects.
  • Langworth, Ian - Co-author of Perl Testing: a Develover\\'s Notebook, and author of languages numerous Kwiki plugins. Weblog, modules, and a Perl testing reference languages card.
  • Schwartz, Randal L. - Schedule, pictures, and articles published in The Perl languages Journal, The Unix Review, and Linux Magazine.
  • Curtin, Matt - Author of the CGI Programming in Perl chapter personal pages for \\'Unix Unleashed, Internet Edition\\'. Includes CGI scripts personal pages that he has written.
  • Cross, Dave - Author of various CPAN modules, such as Array::Compare. perl Weblog, a perl novel, book reviews, and the code perl of the Perl Club.
  • Stein, Lincoln - Researcher at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, personal pages who personal pages has written popular modules such as personal pages and personal pages Includes software he has written and personal pages transcripts of talks personal pages he has given.
  • chromatic - Editor of, extreme programmer and author of perl Perl Testing: languages A Developer's Notebook.
  • Demichelis, Domizio - Author of CGI::Builder and Template::Magic, and advocate of perl the controversial "perlish" coding style.
  • Willamowius, Jan - Jan's Perl Tools - Collection of Perl modules for handling currencies and other Perl languages related stuff.
  • Dupuis, Arnaud - Infinity Perl Blog - resources for slack-get, including downloads and perl updates.
  • Foy, Brian D. - Perl musings from the co-author of "Learning Perl" languages and "Intermediate perl Perl", founder of Perl Mongers, publisher languages and editor of "The perl Perl Review", and author languages of a number of CPAN modules.
  • Lester, Andy (petdance) - Author of WWW::Mechanize and various testing modules. Weblog, talk slides, personal pages and fun stuff.

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