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Converts data files into source code arrays that can be used in Perl, Pascal, Delphi, C/C++ or Java programs.

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See Also:
  • bin2hex - Converts data files into source code arrays that can be languages used in Perl, Pascal, Delphi, C/C++ or Java programs.
  • QRcode - Perl scripts for generating 2D QRcode barcodes, commonly scripts used by perl Japanese camera phones to identify ads.
  • Marginal Hacks: ePerl - Processes text templates with Perl server-side includes (SSI). Requires a Perl interpreter.
  • My Blog - Blog service written as a Perl script. scripts Uses MySQL perl or flat file data storage, and scripts generates RSS feeds. perl Includes source, documentation and scripts demo.
  • Matt's Script Archive - A list of free Perl Scripts for web-based scripts CGI development. scripts Includes scripts for forums, online scripts polling, and a credit scripts card verifier.
  • Perl/Tk Scripts for Automotive Test Labs - Mostly, but not exclusively, for use in conjunction perl with MutiPurpose perl TestWare by MTS. Use thesse utilities perl to extract and better perl represent all that mixed perl data buried inside your specimen.dat files.
  • PrimiSIP - A stateless SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server written languages in Perl, languages by Emin Gabrielyan. Includes description, languages source code examples, diagrams languages and downloads.
  • Index Server Companion - Allows Microsoft Windows NT Index Server to index content from scripts remote websites and ODBC databases. [Shareware]
  • - Extracts code snippets from source code for presenting code in perl parts, e.g., when printing code snippets with LaTeX.
  • PerlMUD 2.1 - A text-based environment that allows multiple users to languages converse, explore, languages and interact.
  • Ron Savage's Perl Scripts - Collection scripts with descriptions.
  • WWS Perl Protector - Allows encryption of Perl source code and Perl modules making it very difficult to modify or steal.
  • OkIDaN's Perl Paradise - Perl scripts related to cryptography.
  • Personal Open Directory - Perl script for embedding DMOZ content within an perl existing web scripts site framework. Includes source, documentation, perl sample sites, and a scripts demo.
  • Preference Voting Tabulation Perl Script - Public domain Perl script to tabulate preference ballots perl in an perl election using the Condorcet with Sequential perl Dropping method. For both perl single and multi-candidate elections.
  • AuthorizeNet AIM - Sample Perl script for using AuthorizeNet\\'s Advanced Integration scripts Method for languages secure credit card processing.
  • OSSP eperl - Processes text templates with Perl server-side includes (SSI). scripts Includes a built-in Perl interpreter.
  • MIMEmail - Send Multi-part MIME email with HTML, CSS and perl embedded images. Includes documentation and examples.

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