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This is a collection of CGI / Perl programming tips and tutorials. It was created with the novice in mind, so the tutorials are very basic and easy to understand.

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  • Why does Perl require the "print Content-type" line? - The article discusses why Perl requires the print Content-type line for your CGI programs to work while other web server languages don't.
  • CGI Programming 101 - An introduction to CGI/Perl. From the basics of perl what is faqs, help, and tutorials CGI, to being able to write perl useful scripts.
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  • Beginner's Tutorial for CGI - Teaches how to develop and code CGI (Common faqs, help, and tutorials Gateway Interface) programs for websites.
  • CGI for the Total Non-Programmer - Walks you through the basics of creating simple perl CGI scripts on Unix servers, with no programming perl experience needed. Examples include guestbook and hit counter.
  • The Common Gateway Interface: Security - Information on writing secure CGI scripts.
  • Cgi Script Installation Tutorial - Learn how to make forums, surveys, polls, forms, search, chat perl and many other programs run on your website.
  • Denis Beurive - Includes code samples with descriptions of items ranging from string manipulations to retrieving information from a web server.
  • HTMLfixIT Beginner Perl tutorials. - A series of beginner Perl tutorials that cover all the perl basics of Perl programming from a web designers perspective using perl easy to understand language and easy to follow examples.
  • Beginning Perl Tutorials - Tutorials on how to use Perl to create CGI programs for your web site.

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