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Cutting edge Perl scripts bring your website back from the dead including banner ads, hit statistics, web directory, bulletin board forum and survey with mailing list.

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Editor's Picks:

Matt's Script Archive* - Over 20 free Perl scripts for most basic tasks.

  • - Collection of free Perl scripts with demos for some of the scripts.
  • CGI Archives - Categorized collection free CGI Perl scripts and resources. collections Downloads and collections online demos.
  • Uninet Free Perl Scripts - Six open source Perl scripts with free tech support.
  • free cgi script archive - Collection of original free CGI perl scripts.
  • NMS - A collection of programs intended as secure and collections robustly written collections drop in replacements for those provided collections by Matt\\'s Script Archive collections - an ongoing project collections of The London Perl Mongers.
  • - This is the successor to the famous Selena collections Sol Public collections Domain Script Archive. It includes many collections nice open source Perl collections scripts.
  • Free-Scripts.Net - A collections of free perl scripts in many category.
  • WebScripts - Perl CGI scripts and log analysis tools: WebLog, free WebMapper, WebBBS, and WebSearch. [Collection] Includes documentation free and downloads.
  • CGI Connection - Free and commercial Perl scripts ranging from realtime free chat, server free management, web page management, search engine free submission, and e-mail management.
  • Lyle's Scripts - Contains the free cgi perl scripts. Banner rotator, free bbs, storyline, collections random picntext and clockhit.
  • Jason's Scripts - Scripts for counters, guestbooks, and absolute path locator.
  • CrookedBush - Unique free custom Perl scripts.
  • FreeScripts - Chat room, form processor, and guestbook.
  • Script Singles - A collection of perl scripts, for example hitbot, free doorway maker scripts and url checker.
  • GodotWeb Perl Script Archive - Variety of free programs. Features a thumbnail gallery scripts creator, page scripts commenting and a message board.
  • Joe's Free CGI Scripts From The Crypt - Cutting edge Perl scripts bring your website back scripts from the dead including banner ads, hit statistics, scripts web directory, bulletin board forum and survey with scripts mailing list.
  • Matt Kruse's Perl Scripts - This is my collection of scripts that I collections am making collections available to you! Hopefully you will collections find something interesting and/or collections useful.
  • - Free CGI scripts in Perl, also includes webmaster collections resources and tutorials.
  • Free Scripts - Perl - A directory of perl scripts.
  • EverySoft - Includes EveryChat (chat script), EveryAuction (auction classifieds script), collections EveryUser (real-time scripts updating counter and user list), EveryCount collections (a simple counter), scripts (a web-to-fax gateway).
  • Arthur Derk's Perl Scripts and Programs - Scripts created by a systems/network engineer whose hobbies include Perl.
  • VerySimple - Free Perl scripts including FrameIt, SimpleSubmit, SimpleSecure, SimpleShop, Today.
  • Dream Catchers Free CGI Scripts - Free perl CGI scripts for web developers and collections webmasters including free a simple counter, guest book, download collections counter, link scripts and free email form handling. collections Some scripts include an online demo.
  • Universal Networks - We provide tools, including free Open-Source Perl scripts, and consulting collections to help businesses start and maintain a website.
  • Kristina's Scripts for Educators - Free Perl CGI scripts for teachers and others. Over 25 free scripts include quiz scripts, voting, crossword, wordsearch, mailing list, guestbook, free gradebook, reminder, chat, loan interest calculators.

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