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A CGI script that will let you easily track, redirect/disguise and manage all your site's internal and promotional links. [Commercial]

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  • RiSearch - Simple, powerful and fast search engine. [For non-commercial]
  • Cougasoft - Free CGI scripts - emphasis on link-management. [Collection]
  • NetTracker - Commercial Perl scripts with a focus on traffic and links.
  • Turbo Seek - Yahoo style directory and search engine with ease. scripts [Adv shareware]
  • Friendly Links - An user-friendly links exchange management and directory publication system in www Perl that provides a complete links directory management mechanism for www a website. By Friendly Infosys Corporation. [Commercial]
  • ProLinkz - A CGI script that will let you easily www track, redirect/disguise and manage all your site\'s internal www and promotional links. [Commercial]
  • Directory Pro - CGI scripts written which allows creation of own www Yahoo or Dmoz style directory.
  • SearchToSale - A script that puts a search box on scripts site, and allows redirect to specific URLs based scripts on matches to the search term. [Commercial]
  • Advanced Search Ranking System - CGI scripts which allows creation of Altavista or www Excite style www search engine. [Commercial]
  • YellowMaker - A self-administered business directory designed to set up scripts a professional scripts yellow pages on the web.
  • PowerSeek SQL - Search engine and directory portal application with customization www features. Demo, scripts support forum and installation instructions.
  • SmartPPC - Commercial search engine and toolbar. Includes news, demo, forum and link management product description.
  • HTML Site Index Generator - A multi-page HTML site index generator that easily scripts handles virtual scripts domains.
  • WebLinks Web Directory Generator - This software can build Yahoo style Web directory. www WebLinks is www an add-on feature of the BizDB www Web database software.
  • MonoPro Link System - Create portal-style link directory with multiple categories and scripts subcategories. [Commercial, link management online demo]

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