Win32 Perl Languages Programming

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  • LAOLA - A collection of documentations and perl programs dealing with binary win32 file formats of Windows program documents.
  • Win32API::CommPort - CPAN module to support raw comm port access. languages Includes documentation win32 and source.
  • Win32 Perl Wiki - Overview, news, installation instructions and resources for Perl developers on Windows.
  • Perl Builder - A visual, integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl.
  • dada's perl lab - Modules, scripts and CGIs for Win32, including Win32::Sound, perl Win32::API, Win32::Internet, perl Win32::Clipboard, Win32::Console, Win32::Shortcut and Win32::GUI.
  • The CPAN Win32 module list - CPAN Win32 modules for download. Includes documentation.
  • NTPerling - Windows NT Perl/CGI Resources - Links and Discussion Forums about Perl on NT.
  • Visual Perl Editor - Windows shareware program to assist in creating and languages debug CGI/Perl perl scripts.
  • DzSoft Perl Editor - A Perl/CGI development tool for Windows.
  • The GUI Loft - A powerful and easy-to-use WYSIWYG design tool for perl designing Win32::GUI languages Windows.
  • Win32::SerialPort - CPAN module for supporting serial port interfaces. Includes documentation and source.

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