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  • IndigoPerl - A binary build of Perl 5.6 for Win32 with an win32 integrated Apache webserver for testing and developing CGI scripts.
  • Intergraph port of Perl 4.036 for NT 3.5 - An older (it\'s not Perl 5!) Perl 4 win32 port.
  • ActiveState Tool Corp. - Providing a Win32 Perl-port, Perl for ISAPI, a ports graphical Win32 Perl-Debugger and other professional tools for ports Perl developers.
  • Qub Group - Offering YeP-perl a Cygwin-Perl-port and DBI:DBD ODBC, Oracle, perl mSQL, perl5 with GUI, perl5 for Win32 plug perl and play distribution. perl5 modules, extesions and perl projects, Visual perl GUI debugger environment.

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