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This category is for books, paper and online, on the Python programming language and closely related topics.

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  • Sams Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours - By Ivan Van Laningham; Sams Publishing, 2000, ISBN languages 0672317354. Split books into 24 hands-on, 1 hour lessons; languages steps needed to learn books topic: syntax, language features, languages OO design and programming, GUIs (Tkinter), books system administration, languages CGI. [Sams Publishing]
  • Making Use of Python - By Rashi Gupta; John Wiley and Sons, 2002, ISBN 0471219754. Covers language basics, use for CGI scripting, GUI development, network programming; shows why it is one of more sophisticated of popular scripting languages. [Wiley]
  • Python Programming Patterns - By Thomas W. Christopher; Prentice Hall PTR, 2002, languages ISBN 0130409561. books Shows how to write large programs, languages introduces powerful design patterns books that deliver high levels languages of robustness, scalability, reuse.
  • Core Python Programming - By Wesley J. Chun; Prentice Hall PTR, 2001, python ISBN 0130260363. For experienced developers to improve extant python skills; professional level examples. Starts by introducing syntax, python objects, error handling, functions, classes, built-ins. [Prentice Hall]
  • XML Processing with Python - By Sean McGrath; Prentice Hall PTR, 2000, ISBN 0130211192, has books CD-ROM. Methods to build XML applications fast, Python tutorial, DOM books and SAX, new Pyxie open source XML processing library. [Prentice books Hall PTR]
  • How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python - By Allen B. Downey, Jeffrey Elkner, Chris Meyers; Green Tea Press, 2002, ISBN 0971677506. Teaches general principles of programming, via Python as subject language. Thorough, in-depth approach to many basic and intermediate programming topics. Full text o
  • Practical Python - By Magnus Lie Hetland; Apress LP, 2002, ISBN languages 1590590066. Readable languages guide to ideas most vital to languages new users, from basics languages common to high level languages languages, to more specific aspects, to languages a series languages of 10 ever more complex programs. [Apress]
  • Python Language Reference Manual - By Guido van Rossum, Fred L. Drake, Jr.; python Network Theory Ltd., 2003, ISBN 0954161785. Printed edition python of official language reference, for v2.x, from, python describes syntax, built-in datatypes. [Network Theory, online]
  • Python 2.1 Bible - By Dave Brueck, Stephen Tanner; John Wiley and python Sons, 2001, python ISBN 0764548077. Full coverage, clear explanations, python hands-on examples, full language python reference; shows step by python step how to use components, assemble python them, form python full-featured programs. [John Wiley an
  • FreeTechBooks: Python Scripting Language - Annotated list of free online books on Python scripting language. Topics range from beginner to advanced.
  • Free Python books - Free Python books and tutorials.
  • Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries: A Tutorial for Building Web and Enterprise Applications with Jython - By Richard Hightower; Addison-Wesley, 2002, 0201616165. Begins with Python basics, python many exercises, interactive sessions. Shows programming novices concepts and practical python methods. Shows programming experts Python\'s abilities and ways to interface python with Java
  • Learning to Program - By Alan Gauld. Teaches programming for beginners, with books heavy Python emphasis. Starts with simple topics, ends books with several intermediate subjects, including GUI programming using books Python Tkinter module. [author website, online]
  • Text Processing in Python - By David Mertz; Addison Wesley. Book in progress, full text, ASCII format. Asks for feedback. [author website, Gnosis Software, Inc.]
  • Dive Into Python - By Mark Pilgrim; 2000-2002. For experienced programmers. Starts with example languages code, overview, then HTML, XML, unit and regression tests. Downloads: languages txt, XML, PDF, HTML, MS Word, Win Help. Chinese, Korean, languages Español, Français; Russian. [GNU Free Documentati
  • Python: Visual QuickStart Guide - By Chris Fehily; Peachpit Press, 2002, ISBN 0201748843. books Task-based, step-by-step books visual reference guide, many screen shots, books for courses in digital books graphics; Web design, scripting, books development; multimedia, page layout, office tools, books operating systems. books [Pre
  • An Introduction to Python - By Guido van Rossum, Fred L. Drake, Jr.; languages Network Theory books Ltd., 2003, ISBN 0954161769. Printed edition languages of official tutorial, for books v2.x, from [Network languages Theory, online]

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