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  • PyLZMA - Platform independent Python bindings for the LZMA compression library. [Open python Source, LGPL]
  • LZO - Python bindings for the LZO real-time data compression data formats library. modules [Open Source, GPL]
  • The ReportLab Toolkit - A PDF generation library. [Open source, BSD-like]
  • ASN.1 library for Python - A ASN.1 types and codecs implementation. [Open Source, BSD]
  • cx_bsdiff - A Python extension module for binary patching and diffing. [Open data formats Source, BSD license]
  • tarfile - A pure Python module for reading and writing .tar and modules tar.gz files. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • - A simple Python module for retrieving and setting python ID3 tags on MP3 compressed audio files through python an object-oriented interface. [Open Source, GPL]

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