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A free, component-based, public domain data mining software, which includes a range of preprocessing, modelling and data exploration techniques. [Open Source, GPL]

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  • Parallel Python - Provides an open source module to allow parallel languages execution of code on systems with multiple processors languages and on clusters. Features list, documentation, download, code languages samples, and a discussion forum.
  • txObject ATK - Contains the following parts: Object Library, IO/Timers, Threads, Inter-Process/Distributed Communication. [Open Source, GPL]
  • ExpectPy - An extension for a Python-feel to the Expect library. [Open python Source, LGPL]
  • Orange - A free, component-based, public domain data mining software, modules which includes python a range of preprocessing, modelling and modules data exploration techniques. [Open python Source, GPL]
  • config - Module allows implement a hierarchical configuration scheme for modules Python applications.
  • The Snack Sound Toolkit - Module for basic sound handling (sound card and python disk I/O); languages includes primitives for sound visualization, e.g. python waveforms and spectrograms. [Open languages Source, GPL]
  • pytables - A hierarchical database package designed to efficiently manage modules very large amounts of data. [Open Source, BSD]
  • log4p - The Logging Toolkit For Python, modeled after the Java toolkit modules log4j. [Open Source, IBM Public License]
  • Pexpect - A pure Python module for spawning child applications; controlling languages them; and responding to expected patterns in their output. It languages works like Don Libes\\' Expect. [Open source, Python Software Foundation languages License]
  • Sisyphus - A module that simplifies running Python stuff as modules cron jobs. languages [Open Source, Python license]
  • Universal Serial Port Python Library - A multi-platform pure-Python module to access serial ports, languages which currently languages works on Linux and Windows. [Open languages Source, GPL]
  • mxBase package extensions for Python - The mx Extensions for Python are a collection of languages professional quality Python software tools which enhance Python\\'s usability in languages many important areas such as ODBC database connectivity, fast text languages processing, date/time processing and web site pro
  • Grouch - Web development related open source software packages developed by MEMS languages and Nanotechnology Exchange. [Open Source, Python license]

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