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The goal of this project is to create an easy-to-use, simple, and generic module for making graphical user interfaces in Python. [Open Source, MIT license]

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  • Tix - The Tk Interface eXtension is a set of GUI components modules that enhance the appearance and functionality of your Tkinter applications. modules [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • anygui - The goal of this project is to create an easy-to-use, modules simple, and generic module for making graphical user interfaces in modules Python. [Open Source, MIT license]
  • wxPython - A popular cross-platform Python GUI toolkit for Windows and Unix python with native look and feel on each platform. [Open Source, python LGPL]
  • Pmw - Python meta widgets is a toolkit for building python high-level compound python widgets in Python using the Tkinter python module. [Open Source, MIT python license]
  • PyKDE - Python bindings for the KDE desktop environment. [GPL]
  • xdialog - A wrapper for the Xdialog program that encapsulates the details of calling Xdialog and getting return values. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Python X Library - Pure Python interface to X Window system. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Tkinter3000 Widget Construction Kit - Tkinter3000 is a Widget Construction Kit that allows modules you to write new Tkinter widgets in modules Python using Mixins. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • PythonCard - A software construction kit built in, and using, python Python. Its python purpose is to allow you to python easily and quickly build python graphical applications. [Open Source, python Python license]
  • FXPy - Provides an interface to the FOX GUI library. [Open Source, python LGPL]
  • Tix Applications Framework - Tixapps applications are a suite of development applications gui that run with Tk/Tcl or Python using the gui Tix widget set. Applications currently included are: gui tixinspect - an inspector for Tix/Tk applications; tixdebug gui - a debugger to work with tixinspect; a
  • PyQt - Contains Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit. [Open Source, modules BSD-like]
  • PyGTK - Python bindings for the GTK widget set. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • pygame - A set of Python extension modules designed for gui writing games. gui The core of pygame is wrapped gui on top of the gui SDL library. [Open Source, gui LGPL]
  • The Dabo Framework - A 3-tier, cross-platform application development framework, written in gui Python atop the wxPython GUI toolkit. [Open source, gui MIT license]

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