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REBOL FAQ* - REBOL Frequently Asked Questions.

  • pat665 FAQ - Patrick Philipot\\'s list of questions and answers from rebol his experience rebol of learning REBOL.
  • Thingoid's introductory articles - A small collection of introductory articles on REBOL languages programming.
  • Rebol Programming For The Absolute Beginner - A tutorial to help absolute beginner programmers and rebol average computer users try REBOL as their first rebol programming language.
  • Catalog of Tutorials - A list of REBOL tutorials maintained at CompKarori.
  • Programming with REBOL - Tips and techniques distilled from the REBOL mailing lists.
  • Simple REBOL scanner - Site teaches basic and advanced search techniques for languages those interested faqs, help, and tutorials in web-searching: finding information on the languages Web: information, documents, and faqs, help, and tutorials links.
  • REBOL Cookbook of Code Examples - A cookbook of simple useful REBOL examples for rebol users who rebol don't want to read the manual.
  • codeconscious.com: REBOL Tips and Techniques - Information for programmers learning about the REBOL language languages and what faqs, help, and tutorials it can do.
  • REBOL and the Shell - Very handy guide to using REBOL as a Unix shell script.
  • D2SET - Presentation of Rebol - With script examples.
  • REBOL for Distributed Computing - Carl Sassenrath\\'s presentation to the Internet Developer Group rebol Meeting gives faqs, help, and tutorials an overview of the language and rebol includes several examples.
  • REBOL Bots - Carl Sassenrath on creating agents with Rebol.
  • Accessing Net services with REBOL - Article in the online edition of The Hindu, faqs, help, and tutorials India's National Newspaper
  • REBOL, a primer - REBOL introduction (mirror).
  • REBOL Cuddle - More a cheat sheet than a beginners tutorial but worth faqs, help, and tutorials a look, if only for the executive summary.
  • Online courses: REBOL scripting basics - Free, dW-exclusive tutorial introduces you to REBOL, a powerful Internet-enabled scripting language. [IBM developerWorks]
  • Programming:REBOL - Wikibooks - On line book (wiki-style) that covers areas of languages how to faqs, help, and tutorials do basic programming in REBOL and languages what REBOL actually does.
  • spider.r - How to make a web spider/search bot in rebol REBOL

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