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FAQs, Help and tutorials about more technical or advanced aspects of the REBOL programming language. Specialist and esoteric topics can be found here. Technical papers are here also.

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  • Tail recursion in REBOL - Proper tail recursion is unusually difficult to achieve faqs, help, and tutorials in REBOL. Joe Marshall describes the problem and faqs, help, and tutorials solution. From LL1: Lightweight Languages Workshop.
  • Ladislav Mecir's REBOL Articles - Several excellent technical articles about functions, context and binding, and the REBOL interpreter. Also dialects and scripts.
  • REBOL and RMAIL in Emacs - By Sterling Newton. If you spend half your faqs, help, and tutorials life in Emacs and deal with RMAIL faqs, help, and tutorials then maybe this article can make your life faqs, help, and tutorials a little better.
  • Build Simple Asynchronous Pluggable Protocols for Windows - How to use the REBOL scripting language to advanced create a rebol protocol that works similarly to the advanced javascript:// protocol, compiling and rebol evaluating arbitrary REBOL statements advanced and displaying the results.
  • Programming Languages and Computation Theory - REBOL features in this course at Clarion University advanced - includes a lex scanner and yacc parsers advanced of the language.
  • How to use 'bind and when ... - Enlightenment on the troublesome concept of 'bind.

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