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A unit test is a procedure used to verify that a particular module of source code is working properly. The idea about unit tests is to write test cases for all functions and methods so that whenever a change causes a regression, it can be quickly identified and fixed. Ideally, each test case is separate from all others.Unit testing is the building block to test driven development (TDD).

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See Also:
  • Test::Unit - Offers documentation for the default Rails unit testing unit testing tool.
  • Integrity - Provides an automated continuous integration server using the unit testing sinatra ruby framework and git repositories.
  • RSpec - Provides a behaviour driven development framework for the tools language, allowing tools to write application scenarios and test tools them.
  • Shoulda - An alternative framework to make unit tests in tools Rails.
  • Null is Love: Testing in Rails - Provides a tutorial to start unit testing with tools Rails.

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