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Module adds simple aspect-oriented programming concepts to Ruby; allows wrapping code around extant methods in classes, which separates different concerns into different parts of the code. [Open Source, GPL]

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See Also:
  • Curb - Provides a module allowing to use the curl tools library in languages an application.
  • Numerical Ruby - Modules: NArray class for Numerical N-dimensional Arrays; Quanty ruby (units) class languages containing value and unit, for automatic ruby unit conversion and calculation; languages link to PGPlot graphics ruby library interface.
  • Ruby In Steel IDE - Provides an IDE for Visual Studio with a commercial and a free personal edition.
  • Ruby Binaries - Cygwin DLL; GTk+ on Win32 DLLs; bmingw; rb2exe, tools turns Ruby scripts to executable files, which need tools Ruby interpreter.
  • RubyInline - Analog to Perl\\'s Inline::C, allows embedding C external module code tools in Ruby scripts directly; code is compiled and run on tools the fly, as needed. [open source, MIT License]
  • LoveRubyNet - Software Archive, many projects. Examples: Racc, LALR(1) Perser tools generator; TMail, ruby Mail Class (implements MIME multipart, more); tools strscan, extension to scan ruby string faster. English and tools Japanese versions. Ruby-dev summary index. By ruby Minero Aoki.
  • About Ruby - Scripts and libraries, Pcap libpcap interface, Python embedded in Ruby, languages Ruby SWIG module. By Masaki Fukushima.
  • RubyUnit - Simple testing framework for Ruby. Descriptions, downloads.
  • FreeRIDE - Ruby Integrated Development Environment, IDE. Wiki format, descriptions, FAQ, documents, screenshots, development and subproject links. Linux, Unix, Windows. [Open Source]
  • RUDL Library - Interfaces the Simple Directmedia Library to Ruby, giving tools it high speed graphics, sound, and input abilities. tools Links to related projects. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Play Ground of Ruby - Small amounts of Ruby/Tk, SSI filter for HTML tools documents, initializer for multi-dimensional arrays, flock function tools checker, rot13, email counter/grapher.
  • ncurses-ruby - Ruby module; makes most functions, constants, and external variables of the C ncurses library accessible from Ruby.
  • Ruby/GP - Genetic programming library in Ruby.
  • Dectxn - Provides a Rails plugin to offer declarative transaction languages management.
  • Yoshidam's Secret Page: Ruby - Information on Ruby, powered by his XML module. ruby Modules: XMLParser, Uconv, Oracle, VFlib3, Perl, Multibyte Extension ruby for String class, Syslog; Libraries: Unicode, Susie Plugin, ruby DirectDraw for Ruby, MDN.
  • Alma - A Language for MAcro processing, general purpose, powered tools by Ruby. Allows using any Ruby method in tools the same way one uses macros, so, immediately, tools Alma has thousands of built-in functions. [Open Source, tools GPL]
  • BioRuby - Ruby library; goal: implement integrated environment for bioinformatics languages research in Ruby. Kept simple to maximize usability, languages efficiency for biologists as a daily tool. Begun languages in Japan, supported by Universities of Tokyo, Kyoto; languages Open Bio Foundation.
  • RDE: Ruby Development Environment - Integrated Development Environment, mostly a GUI wrapper of ruby debug.rb with editor, Windows only. Screenshot, description, downloads: ruby old, new.
  • AESCrypt - Program to encrypt/decrypt streams of data using Rijndael languages and Cipher Block Feedback mode (CFB-128), for shell languages scripts and Ruby. Description, downloads.
  • Rockit - Ruby O-o Compiler construction toolKIT; easy-to-use, written in and emits ruby Ruby code. Current focus: \\'front-end\\' phases of compiler construction; generates ruby lexer and parser (more advanced than yacc\\'s LaLr(1), grammars in ruby Extended Backus-Naur form.
  • Erik Veenstra: Ruby - Projects (Tar2RubyScript, RubyScript2Exe, RubyWebDialogs, AllInOneRuby), well documented; tutorials ruby (Distributing Ruby Applications, Distributing Rails Applications, Monitor-Functions), Code ruby Snippets.
  • Motoyuki Kasahara's Page - Ruby tools: find2 replaces find.rb, getoptlong library to languages parse command languages line options. Other free software.
  • Mocha - Library for mocking and stubbing using a syntax languages like with JMock and SchMock.
  • WxRuby - Ruby bindings to the wxWindows cross-platform toolkit; documents, references, Wiki, languages downloads. [Open source]
  • Gecode/R - Offers an interface to the constraint programming library languages Gecode.
  • YAML.rb is YAML for Ruby - Full-featured YAML parser and emitter. Use as drop-in ruby replacement for PStore, or use one of its ruby several APIs to store object data in friendly ruby and readable YAML style; write data structures in ruby plain text.
  • AspectR - Module adds simple aspect-oriented programming concepts to Ruby; languages allows wrapping code around extant methods in classes, languages which separates different concerns into different parts of languages the code. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Ruby as Glue Language - Ruby bindings for several libraries, programs, with readme tools files.
  • DRP: Directed Ruby Programming - Generative programming system, for genetic programming, grammatical evolution, languages or hybrid GP-GE; coded in all Ruby; best languages suited for interactive evolution and design work. Open languages source, GPL.
  • MySQL/Ruby - MySQL API module (extension library) for Ruby; gives languages same functions to Ruby programs that MySQL C languages API gives to C programs.
  • Arachno Ruby - Commercial IDE, with integrated debugger, useful for normal and Web languages programming, applications. [Scriptolutions]
  • Hipster's - Dozens of Ruby programs. Examples: reverse dependency tool, simple HTTP ruby daemon, vim syntax coloring, Design by Contract, Literate Ruby, Fibonacci ruby generators, generic XML generator.
  • Rinn - CORBA for Ruby. Goal: a pure Ruby version tools based on CORBA-Ruby Mapping Specification.
  • Rake - Provides a simple build program with capabilities similar tools to make.
  • Google Data on Rails - Offers a library intending to help using Google services with tools the GData api format.
  • Tesly Jr. - Logs results of automated unit tests, and displays results in HTML view. RSS feeds track every test run.
  • Ruby.PHP - Offers a Ruby to PHP compiler, allowing a developer to languages write Ruby code and compile it to be run with languages PHP.
  • RZBD - Ruby Zebedee: 100% compatible clone (protocol, configuration file), can be tools used by Ruby scripts easily like standard Socket API. Zebedee tools is simple program to form encrypted, compressed tunnel for TCP/IP tools or UDP data between two systems.
  • RubyCocoa - Ruby/Objective-C bridge for Mac OS X with Cocoa; tools Cocoa bindings ruby for Ruby. Allows native OS function tools mixins and GUI component ruby use, write Cocoa programs tools in Ruby, mix Ruby and Objective-C ruby code, create tools and use Cocoa objects in Ruby scripts. English, ruby tools Nihongo.
  • HighLine - High level library to deal with text user interfaces, build command line interfaces. Robust formatting has word wrap, paging, and list handling are possible. Handles validation rules for user input, implements menus easily. [Open source, GPL or Ruby Licen
  • RuSTEM - Fast Ruby module with Porter stemming algorithm; a languages process to remove commoner morphological and inflexional endings languages from words in English; main use is as languages part of term normalisation process usually done when languages setting up Information Retrieval systems.

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