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Systems designed as a framework for building full-scale Content Management (CMS, Weblogs, etc.) System by building upon the core API available by the Framework. Frameworks in this category may also have a CMS or Weblog system based upon the Framework but they can be downloaded separately.

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See Also:
  • SimpleConsole - Offers a framework to build simple console applications.
  • Webby - Provides download links and a documentation for this framework.
  • Halcyon - Provides a JSON framework to build fast and ruby flexible applications.
  • Vintage - Offers an open-sourced application based on embedded ruby software templates with documentation.
  • Ramaze - Provides tutorials and downloads of this open-source web-framework.
  • Camping - A lightweight framework implementing its own HTML marked-type
  • Sinatra - Provides documentation and source browsing for this lightweight and easy software to use framework.

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