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Short introduction to Ruby/Gtk by example. Shows how to inherit Gtk+ elements and the use of a recursive MiniMax tree search.

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Ruby Application Archive* - Hosts over 1,000 open source projects, over 700 owners.
RubyForge* - Hosts over 1,000 open source projects, over 6,000 registered users; much of the Ruby community is here. Descriptions, news, downloads, links, site statistics. At InfoEther, Inc.

  • Rubytree - Provides a Rubygem library implementation of the tree languages data-structure. Includes ruby specialized tree variants as well.
  • Ruby - Many useful, interesting applications, libraries: scripts, patches, extension modules, documents. ruby English, Nihongo.
  • Zakki-Cho - Software and several translated articles on programming and running Ruby languages on Windows. "Zakki-Cho" = "Notebook" in Japanese.
  • Ruby - Applications: cal, dvipc, gtkcal, luna, nqt, rar, prof, stared, tkcal, languages tr-list, wc, Just another Ruby hacker; Libraries: calendar, date2, delay/force, languages once, smf. By Tadayoshi Funaba.
  • Ruby/Gtk Example: Tic-Tac-Toe - Short introduction to Ruby/Gtk by example. Shows how to inherit languages Gtk+ elements and the use of a recursive MiniMax tree languages search.
  • R2Cobra - Provides a Cobra implementation of the language.
  • DbTalk - Interactive GUI-based tool for database querying, programming, administering, languages etc. Has software 3 basic parts: SQL editor, query languages result viewer, database structure software viewer. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Atelier in the Blue Sky - Text preprocessor, aftercommit, CD player, extension library for ruby zlib, patches.
  • Ruby - Root Ruby page there, hosts near 300 open source projects.
  • PalmSync - Ruby library for synchronizing PalmPilot with DBMSs.
  • Ruby-GNOME2: Applications - Provides a list of applications written and running with Ruby GTK.
  • Ruby.CHannel - Ruby information, downloads, resources, RWIKI Plus, online interpreter software (try Ruby ruby online), interactive tutorial, Programming Ruby Interactive. software The last two combine ruby text examples with the software online interpreter to run them. English, ruby Deutsch.
  • Ruby/Password - Set of methods to create, verify, and manipulate ruby passwords. languages Has interface to CrackLib library commonly ruby used to check password languages strength. Intended use: system ruby administrators who need programs to prompt languages for, generate, ruby verify, and encrypt passwords.

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