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This category lists Ruby variants which support the Microsoft .NET software platform, and related topics.

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See Also:
  • Gardens Point Ruby.NET Compiler - Compiler targeting Microsoft .NET platform; can statically compile source file ruby into verifiable .NET v2.0 assembly or directly execute source file: ruby compile, load and execute.
  • A First Look at IronRuby - Basic description, links. John Lam on Software.
  • MonoRail - MVC Web framework inspired by RoR Action Pack; languages fast, readable, net simple Ruby-based, almost as powerful as languages Ruby but for a net static (compiled) programs. Part languages of Castle Project.
  • IronRuby - A .NET Ruby, goals: good performance, seamless integration with .NET ruby libraries, infrastructure; compatibility with 1.8.x branch of Ruby modulo continuations. ruby Heavily leverages Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime. Microsoft Permissive License.
  • Third Drop of RubyCLR - High-performance Ruby to .NET bridge, allows seamless integration ruby of CLR and Ruby objects in the same ruby Win32 process, allows rich client programs using Windows ruby Forms or Presentation Foundation libraries. Author web site/blog.
  • RubyForge: RubyCLR: Project Info - Official home; downloads, latest versions.
  • Ruby.NET - Project to make Ruby compiler for .NET based on NetRuby.
  • IronRuby vs. Ruby.NET? - Response to M. David Peterson posting. John Lam net on Software.
  • Ruby.NET vs. IronRuby: What's the Difference? - Brief updated comparison, by M. David Peterson. O\\'Reilly net Windows DevCenter net Blog.

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