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The mod_ruby program embeds a Ruby interpreter into the Apache webserver, to let Ruby CGI scripts execute natively, so scripts start up and run far faster.

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  • RWiki - Wiki on Ruby, written in Ruby, with separate software and intermixed ruby English and Japanese pages. Pages can software be edited in either ruby language. Japanese is displayed software with EUC encoded Japanese Kanji characters.
  • Ruby/SMB - Brings Samba to Ruby: a C library gluing Samba libsmbclient network library to Ruby dynamic high-level language; a tool making it network easy to work with OS network resources, without considering low-level network issues: buffers, pointers, buffer pointers, etc. [Open Source,
  • .NET Meets Ruby - NETRuby a la interpreter: port of Ruby interpreter to C#, software so Ruby runs under CLR and interfaces to .NET. Ported software interpreter seems thread-safe, runs multiple instances in one executable.
  • WEBrick - Ruby library program/toolkit to build HTTP WWW servers; software download, CVS, ruby example configuration code, change log. [Open software Source, Ruby Artistic]
  • getrss - Ruby RSS aggregator. Gets a list of URLs, converts RSS software to HTML, and outputs to a file. Formatting is based software on a passed code block. ZWEKNU Projects.
  • ZenWeb - System to build full Websites, not only pages. Allows focusing on content and structure of site, while leaving page construction, markup, layout, navigation as secondary concerns.
  • Ruby-Radius - CVS interface, no Webpage; The RADIUS Ruby module ruby gives an RFC 2138/2139-compliant interface to RADIUS using ruby Ruby. API is based somewhat on Net::Radius module ruby for Perl, but with some changes made to ruby use Ruby features (such as iterators).
  • Rubyjournal - Software to create and maintain weblogs on websites; ruby make multiple software blogs on one server, and manage ruby them from a desktop. software [Open Source]
  • - The mod_ruby program embeds a Ruby interpreter into software the Apache ruby webserver, to let Ruby CGI scripts software execute natively, so scripts ruby start up and run software far faster.
  • Ruby/DICT - RFC 2229 compliant client-side library implementation of DICT protocol, written network in Ruby; can be used to write clients that access network dictionary definitions from set of natural language dictionary databases.
  • RubyMail - Email handling library for Ruby language.
  • Borges - Ruby Web application framework based on Smalltalk Seaside ruby 2, allows linear programming of applications. [Open source]
  • ICQ Lite History Browser - Uses Ruby, FXRuby and REXML to implement a network slim browser for ICQ Lite's history files.
  • Rice - Ruby ICE, Information and Content Exchange. Implements ICE syndicator that publishes time stamps, ICE subscriber that consumes time stamps. Description, documents, downloads.
  • Rack - Provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby ruby and several of its frameworks.
  • Oxyliquit Nitro Q&A - Question and answer system for: Nitro multiparadigm Web ruby application development network engine, and ObjectGraph (Og) object-relational mapping ruby library.
  • Nitro - Home of Web application development engine for Ruby and JavaScript. network Multiparadigm: uses aspects from Rails, CherryPy, Catalyst, Wee, PHP, JSP, network Microsoft.NET

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