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This category lists Ruby information and projects which facilitate interoperation with the Java software platform and programs, Ruby variants that support Java, and related topics.

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  • JRuby - Ruby implemented in pure Java: newer Ruby interpreter done in java Java, most built-in Ruby classes, supports interacting with and defining java Java classes in Ruby, Bean Scripting Framework (BSF); news, downloads, java FAQ, tutorials, limits, credits. Open source CPL/
  • Java, Ruby, and Sun - Brief story of Sun hiring Charles Nutter and java Thomas Enebo languages to work on JRuby full time, java with speculations. Ablog.
  • JRuby on Rails: The power of Java, the simplicity of Ruby on Rails - Developers are moving from full Java Platform, Enterprise languages Edition, to lightweight frameworks, yet even the lightest languages lacks the simplicity of RoR. JRuby joins Rails languages with the power, breadth, and industry acceptance of languages JVM, Java libraries, and application ser
  • Interviewing the JRuby Developers - Alternative Ruby implementations seem to be growing in the Ruby ruby community. JRuby is most advanced now. Charles Nutter and Thomas ruby Enebo, two main JRuby programmers, comment. O‚ÄôReilly Media.
  • A Gem of a Language for Java and .Net - Independent projects are bringing Ruby to 2 widely-used languages development frameworks; reactions of Sun, Microsoft.
  • Ruby the Rival - Bruce Tate\\'s Beyond Java suggests Ruby as a ruby top contender ruby to displace Java. Tate, James Duncan ruby Davidson, Robert Cooper and ruby Bill Venners opine on ruby Ruby and its challenge to Java. ruby O'Reilly Media.
  • Ruby for the Java World - Dynamic languages are coming competitors to Java. Growing languages their scope java beyond glue code and Web GUIs languages into the heavy work java once done only with languages compiler, languages such as Python, PHP, java Groovy, and languages Ruby have fast gained popularity. JavaWorld.
  • 10 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know about Ruby - Slide presentation teaches Java programmers Ruby style and languages idioms quickly. java Given at OSCON 2005; Dayton-Cincinnati .NET languages Code Camp 2006. By java Jim Weirich.
  • Using Ruby: An Introduction to Ruby for Java Programmers - Small tutorial with many short pages. By Jim Weirich.

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