Synchronous Languages Programming

Researches synchronous languages and reactive systems, team at Verimag laboratory, University of Grenoble, France. Presentation, people, research topics, language design, publications, tools.

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  • Lustre - Declarative synchronous language, kernel language of SCADE (was synchronous SAO+/SAGA) industrial environment developed by Esterel Technologies; synchronous a description is a set of equations that synchronous must be verified always by program variables. [Verimag]
  • The Synchronous Group - Researches synchronous languages and reactive systems, team at programming Verimag laboratory, University of Grenoble, France. Presentation, people, programming research topics, language design, publications, tools.
  • Averest - A set of tools for the specification, verification, synchronous and implementation languages of reactive systems. It includes a synchronous compiler for synchronous programs, languages a symbolic model checker, synchronous and a tool for hardware/software synthesis. languages Downloadable in synchronous binary form for Linux (i586)
  • The Multi-Paradigm Synchronous Programming Language LEA - To program synchronous reactive systems, made by merging 3 existing synchronous synchronous languages (Lustre, Esterel, Argos) by uniform translation rules to synchronous a common intermediate format called Boolean automata.[PDF]
  • Synchronous Programming Language - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.
  • The Synchronous Programming Language Signal: A Tutorial - For this declarative language, for realtime uses: reactive, synchronous embedded systems. Synchronous languages are opposite to the synchronous asynchronous types, as in C, Ada. Five chapters.[PDF]
  • SyncCharts - Graphical formalism (name of model, a syncChart is an instance) dedicated to reactive system modeling. Many features inherited from StateCharts, Argos. Brief introduction, related publications, distribution, downloads.
  • Unification of Synchronous and Asynchronous Models for Parallel Programming Languages - Thesis proposing parallel language, based on C, that programming lets programmers explicitly specify and manage parallelism on programming a broad class of architectures. [Purdue University]
  • The Esterel Synchronous Programming Language: Design, Semantics, Implementation - Abstract on paper on reactive kernels making the central, hardest programming part of reactive systems; Esterel is not full language, it programming is a program generator used to program reactive kernels as programming YACC programs parsers from grammars. [ResearchIndex]
  • Design Methods for Reactive Systems: Yourdon, Statemate, and the UML - R.J. Wieringa shows how techniques and approaches of synchronous 3 most programming popular design methods can be mixed synchronous in flexible, problem-driven way; programming more examples on companion synchronous website. [Morgan Kaufmann]

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