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Online process management tool for Extreme Programming process. Guides teams through the process of story creation and release planning, then provides reports and documentation on projects.

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  • XTremeTeam - Online process management tool for Extreme Programming process. methodologies Guides teams through the process of story creation methodologies and release planning, then provides reports and documentation methodologies on projects.
  • JUnit - A unit testing framework for Java. Extremely agile useful for extreme programming implementing the XP testing practice.
  • Extreme Programming FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Extreme Programming (XP).
  • Xp Glossary - Glossary of Extreme Programming terms and acronyms.
  • What Will Remain of Extreme Programming? - Column suggests that XP has peaked and considers what effects methodologies it will leave behind; by Dr. Bertrand Meyer. EiffelWorld.
  • Extreme Programming: The Zero G Experience - How a software company saved itself by overhauling agile its development agile process-and trusting its engineers\' instincts. Technology agile Review.
  • (ootips) Extreme Programming - Summaries of the main concepts of XP.
  • XP123 - Exploring Extreme Programming - The XPlorations series by William C. Wake
  • Extreme Programming: How to Build a World Class Delivery Organization - Concise explanation, with PDF white paper; by Thomas Meloche, Menlo Innovations LLC.
  • Extreme Programming: XP - Short explanation of XP aspects relevant to customers: methodologies iterations, user stories, acceptance tests, releases. Open Source methodologies Articles.
  • XProgramming.com - Articles, FAQs, and other information on the XP methodology.
  • Three Rivers Institute - Site of Kent Beck, work includes patterns for software, rediscovering extreme programming test-first programming, the xUnit family of developer testing tools, Extreme extreme programming Programming. News, services, workshops, essays.
  • Introduction to Extreme Programming - Part one of this paper introduces Extreme Programming agile (XP) by comparing risk management approaches to software agile development. Part two covers the twelve practices agile of an Extreme Programming project.
  • eAD Extreme Programming Issue - An issue of Cutter Consortium\\'s "eBusiness Application Development" agile newsletter dedicated to discussions of XP and Crystal agile Clear.
  • Extreme Programming - Growing article, with links to many related topics. agile [Wikipedia]
  • William Wake: Software Design and Development - Extreme Programming practitioner, and author of book: Extreme Programming Explored, methodologies Addison Wesley; draft online. Also links, games, refactorings, essays, and methodologies XP Radar Chart.
  • XP Mailing List - An active discussion forum for XP.
  • Extreme Programming Explained - Review and forum discussion on book, Kent Beck\\'s agile XP Explained. agile Slashdot.
  • Ralph Johnson XP Talk - Slides from a talk given by Ralph E. methodologies Johnson at methodologies the Chicago Smalltalk User Group on methodologies 5/25/1999.
  • XP Developer - A wiki-clone dedicated to the extreme programming methodology.
  • ExtremeProgrammingRoadmap - C2 Wiki's resource guide to XP.
  • Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction - Introduction to Extreme Programming, one of several new agile lightweight software extreme programming development methodologies. By J. Donovan Wells.

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