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  • Reddy, Ramesh Krishna - COBOL, JCL and mainframe programming related tutotials links.
  • Rouse, Robert - MindVoXX's Haven - C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, and Win32ASM programmer. Also personal pages includes personal pages programming information and musical compositions.
  • Rouffiac, Jean-Yves (Qwertybarp) - eComStation and OS/2, QDOS, Rexx sections. Includes free downloads of Computer One Pascal for the Sinclair QL.
  • Reeve, Phil - Open source C++ projects, website design, electronic music.
  • Renggli, Lukas - Personal information, music. Publications. Photos gallery. Author\\'s programming programming tools and games (with source by request). Programming programming in HP48, Pascal, Smalltalk. Scripts for Zope content programming management system.
  • Ratcliff, James (Falazar) - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Illuminati resources. OpenGL, Perl, PHP, Javascript personal pages scripts and tutorials, VRML.
  • Rampersad, Taran - Cyber Cave - Software developer and CramSession author. Beginning programming resources, C++ resources (so far).
  • Rosengard, Jean-Marc - Documents and software including a C++ quiz, diverse Java classes personal pages for download and a demonstration SOAP implementation in Java. Link personal pages to author research page.
  • Rosko, James - About. Projects. Physics: Open Framework Class is an open source programming project using ANCI C++ to build a cross platform framework programming class; Dynamic Project Markup Language is an XML object language programming that is used in the creation of dynamic content on programming web sites and d
  • Rivoli, Chad - C++, Perl, ASP programs, utilities and games. Also r this page discusses the HP48G/GX calculator.
  • Ravi, Kranthi K. - Details of research papers published, projects, areas of interest, current work, internship at Microsoft and resume.

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