Audit Accounting Software

Offers a full-featured audit planning and control environment which provides staff management, audit planning, risk assessment and recommendation tracking. UK firm.

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See Also:
  • Paisley Consulting - Offering software for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, enterprise risk management and audit automation.
  • PC Profile - Offers PC audit software tools which allow administrators to account audit for installed programs.
  • CashFlow Guardian - Offers packaged software for analyzing and auditing accounts payable.
  • MKinsight - Web enabled internal audit management. Includes risk analysis, accounting electronic working software papers and reporting functions.
  • ChargeChecker - Software checks bank accounts using statements and facilities for interest overcharges made by your bank. Includes download.
  • ISF Business Services - Offers a full-featured audit planning and control environment accounting which provides software staff management, audit planning, risk assessment accounting and recommendation tracking. UK software firm.
  • ACL Services - Data analysis, audit and reporting software.(Windows and Mainframe)
  • InPractice Software Ltd. - Software, training and support services for smaller accountancy audit practices.
  • Control Solutions International - Company offering SAP authorization control, audit, training, consultancy audit and software.
  • Pentana - Suppliers of audit management software including automated financial reporting checklists software and risk management tools.
  • Nigrini - Data analysis software designed to detect fraud, errors, software biases, and procedural inefficiencies. Software based on software Microsoft Access to (1) record compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley software and to, (2) test for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley software is in progress.
  • Richard B Lanza - Audit and data verification software and computer assisted audit techniques.
  • Pleier - Auditing system for planning, time reporting, analysis, personnel management and audit recommendation tracking.
  • Openpages - Provides Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, enterprise governance, risk management and accounting financial reporting automation software.
  • Engagent - Offering software to handle event log management, security accounting audits, asset software management and software license allocation.
  • Horwath Software Services - Offer risk management and audit management software. London, audit UK.
  • Kirix - Offers accounts payable recovery audit software for internal accounting audit departments.

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