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Object-oriented Database Management Systems (ODBMS or OODBMS)

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See Also:
  • Ultima-S: Problems and Decisions - Advantages of a client-server O(R)DBMS versus a mainframe database are software shown.
  • ODBMS Articles and Products - Articles on object-oriented database systems architecture and technology, product comparison object-oriented and selection as well as a small FAQ.
  • Whatever Happened to Object-Oriented Databases? - Comparison of state and future prospect of object-oriented databases and relational databases. [PDF file with IEEE Computer databases version available from same site.]
  • Cetus - Link collection with FAQs, newsgroups, books, and conferences.
  • Object Data Management Group (ODMG) - Industry association for a common OO data standard. Extracts of software ODMG 3.0 as well as some explaining articles are online. software Note: Standard is partially superseded by JDO.

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