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Companies with several object-oriented database related products.

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  • InterSystems Cache - A scalable, "post-relational" database with a multidimensional data object-oriented and application object-oriented server for distributed web applications. It object-oriented offers a SQL interface, object-oriented and bindings for C++, object-oriented Java, ActiveX/VB, Delphi and CORBA.
  • Versant Corporation - The Versant Developer Suite is a distributed, replicated object-oriented object-oriented database object-oriented featuring online schema evolution, failover, asynchronous object-oriented replication and SQL query object-oriented capabilities. Multi language access object-oriented from C++ and Java for several object-oriented operating systems.
  • Objectivity - Distributed, object database, with support for declaratively described products transaction logic, vendors quorum-based read/writes and schema evolution. Bindings products for C++, Java, Smalltalk, vendors and SQL.
  • GemStone Systems - Offers GemStone and GemFire, distributed shared-memory OODBs with caching and (relational) data integration for Java, C++, and Smalltalk.
  • Objectstore - Provider of object data management products for Java, object-oriented C++ and object-oriented XML-based applications. Products include ObjectStore, PSE object-oriented Pro and RTEE. Objectstore object-oriented is the standard example object-oriented of a page-server architecture, featuring also object-oriented multi-version concurrency object-oriented control, auto
  • Matisse Software - Offers Matisse an replicated ODBMS with server-side SQL2, a version-based products transaction mechanism and on-line schema evolution. Data definition languages is products UML, bindings for several programming languages exist. A free developer products version is available.

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