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Offers software and programming services in order to offer online quizzes and tests through the Internet or within an Intranet.

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  • Igneon Software - A test creation software for educators and trainers. test authoring Features teachers help include question bank, publish tests, randomization, and test authoring security.
  • Test Generator - Create, administer and distribute computer-based tests. Tests educational can include educational seven question types - multiple choice, educational true-false, ordering, educational fill in the blank, educational short answer, and click educational picture.
  • Question Tools - Windows software to create questions, surveys, and tests. educational Hosting of test authoring tests, marking services, test development and educational bespoke services are available.
  • OnlineTesting - Offers software and programming services in order to offer online educational quizzes and tests through the Internet or within an Intranet.
  • Prime Exam - PrimeExam software automatically and intelligently generates exams, and can convert test authoring existing Word files into reusable question banks. A free download test authoring is available.
  • Test Creator - Test authoring software for classrooms, online tests, database educational test results teachers help and analysis.
  • MicroGrade and MicroTest - MicroGrade and MicroTest are desktop applications with built-in teachers help access educational to hosted Internet sites for secure test teachers help delivery and educational grade posting. Windows and Macintosh compatible.
  • Random Test Generator-PRO - Create screen, paper or Internet student tests based educational on randomly selected questions from large databanks. Allows educational the use of graphics, animations and sounds in educational any test question. Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP
  • ComputerTest - ComputerTest is a program that allows you to teachers help create test authoring and administer computerized tests across a network.
  • CQuest Software - Three products for creating and delivering tests are available here, one for small networks and standalone PCs, one for intranets and the internet, and one for CDROM based material.
  • Visual CertExam Suite - A test engine designed specifically for certification exam educational preparation. Create, educational edit and take practice exams in educational an environment very similar educational to the real exam.
  • Central Question - Assessment software creation service with emphasis on accessibility educational and open educational standards. Makes Flash based, QTI (Question educational and Test Interoperability) tests educational that are compatible with educational Blackboard, WebCT and other Learning Management educational Systems (LMS's).
  • Question Mark - Perception software for educators and trainers to write, test authoring administer and report on tests, exams and surveys test authoring using PCs, LANs, the Internet and intranets.
  • Exam9 Online Exam Software - Sets up multiple choice tests for set time periods that when submitted are automatically corrected and results logged for student\'s or trainee's reference number.
  • Automatic Test Generator - Web-based test generator.
  • ExamView - This is a testing tool that lets you teachers help create paper and online tests. This includes tests, teachers help worksheets, and study guides and is compatible with teachers help WebCT and Blackboard.
  • starQuiz - Windows and Macintosh software for creating quizzes with multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, and essay questions.
  • Exampro - Create mock exams, homeworks and revision exercises from teachers help an easily-accessed database of UK examination board materials. teachers help For Windows. Curriculum Online registered.
  • Turbo Editor abc.Test - Windows software to create tests, test people and teachers help create reports. Tests are edited with a text teachers help editor and can be delivered in any language.
  • Exam Software - Exam Software is test management software, which offers a complete educational solution for computer based testing.
  • Question Writer - Windows software for creating online quizzes. Flash output. test authoring Quiz takers can print reports and quiz results test authoring can be automatically e-mailed to the quiz author.
  • Eduware - The Wizard Test Maker helps teachers to create teachers help exams for any subject or from our huge teachers help test banks of questions for Science, Social Studies, teachers help Foreign Languages, and Math. Windows software only.
  • Test Constructor - program for testing knowledge both at home or at educational institutions; allows an unlimited number of topics, questions and answers for any type of test.
  • The Castle Project - On-line authoring tool that allows course tutors and managers to create quizzes for use on the web. Provided by the University of Leicester.
  • Respondus - Windows exam creation tool designed to be compatible educational with Blackboard, Ecollege and WebCT.
  • Test Commander - Database driven client/server program to create and administer tests on test authoring a local area network or Internet.
  • Advanced eLearning Builder - Authoring tool designed for creating e-learning materials such as e-tests, tutorials, quizzes, etc in visual mode and compile them in EXE form.
  • Brownstone - Brownstone makes test authoring and publishing software for educational Windows, Macintosh test authoring and the Web. Our tools educational allow creation of test test authoring and homework questions and educational delivering assignments and tests online, offline, test authoring or in educational printed format.
  • Sight2k - Software package to automate the process of creating and giving educational educational tests. Create and process your own tests locally or educational via network, filter and customize test results, create or use educational predefined reports.
  • SmartLite Software - Create HTML questionnaires, quizzes and tests that you can answer educational on-screen or publish to the Internet. Tests can be publish educational to floppy disks, CD-ROMs and the Internet.
  • Image-ination.com - Online software for creating Math based question. Creates test authoring individual test authoring questions with different variables for each student. test authoring Teacher can test authoring see how a student worked the test authoring problem when grading.

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