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Experiments with special effects, character animation, include files, tutorials, gallery, and various tips and tricks that can be used in POV-Ray.

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POV-Ray - The Persistence of Vision Raytracer* - Freeware multi-platform ray-tracing package. Include software download, 'hall of fame' images, FAQs, documentation and resources.

  • Joerg Schrammel's Home - Download the Genesis Tools. A set of tools animation and design tools to create detailed color maps and to place animation and design tools POV-Ray objects onto a heightfield. Plus a Gallery animation and design tools rendered with PovRay.
  • Patched POV - MegaPov (formerly UVPov, SuperPatch, and MultiPatch) is a cooperative work by members of the POV-Ray community. This is an unofficial compile of POV-Ray.
  • Breeze Designer - 3D modeling and design tool for Windows, written 3d to primarily 3d interface with the Persistance of Vision 3d raytracer, there is also 3d support to export to 3d a number of other popular renderers 3d and VRML 3d viewers. Manual, FAQs, image gallery, and downloads.
  • POV-Ray v3.02 Unofficial Macintosh Compiles - Custom version of POV-Ray for Macintosh that includes pov-ray powerful utilities.
  • ClothRay - A patched version of POV-Ray, to do cloth simulation.
  • Hermite Curve Generator Program (POVHerm) - A stand-alone program that allows movements of objects, and viewpoints animation and design tools along smooth curves, includes Code, DOS executable, and examples.
  • POV-Ray Technical Assistance Group (TAG) - Established by the POV-Team to support POV-Ray users around the 3d world, includes members list, and FAQs.
  • What is PoV-Ray? - Gallery, the authors personal history, resources, and texture library.
  • PVM patch for POV-Ray - The PVMPOV patch for POV-Ray 3.1e gives POV the ability to distribute a rendering across multiple heterogeneous systems.
  • PovChem - Shareware program outputs 3D molecular models to POV-Ray format.
  • CoolTubes - A short UNIX/Linux Perl script front-ends to POV-Ray 3d that generate 3d cool 3D text. Distributed under the 3d terms of the GNU 3d General Public License.
  • Texture Library 3.0 - This site provides textures for PoV-Ray and shows 3d all textures 3d in preview.
  • Moray - An interactive shareware wireframe modeller for the PC platform, supporting POV-Ray 3.1 and Polyray V1.8. Vestions for Windows NT, Windows 95, and a protected-mode DOS program, which runs fine under Win3.11 and OS2/2.
  • Forester - Complete 3D-landscape generation and visualization program that will pov-ray also produce animations. To render the scene files pov-ray created by Forester you will need to have pov-ray installed POV-Ray. [Win 95/98/Me/2000]
  • The Genesis Toolkit - A set of executables to work with POV-Ray heightfields.
  • rune|vision 3d Graphics - Experiments with special effects, character animation, include files, 3d tutorials, gallery, 3d and various tips and tricks that 3d can be used in 3d POV-Ray.
  • POVLAB - 3D graphic modeler which models 3D objects for the POV-Ray software. Mailing list, what\'s new and tech support.
  • POVMan - Custom patch of POV-Ray, which allows use of pov-ray RenderMan (R) 3d Shading Language for creating custom pigments pov-ray with procedural code. Program 3d is based on MegaPov pov-ray 0.6a, another custom version of POV-Ray. 3d By, Vahur pov-ray Krouverk.
  • 3D-CPU-Benchmark with POVRAY - CPU-Benchmarking with POV-Ray, and several models for download.
  • Sonya's Page of POV Stuff - Items related to the Persistance of Vision Raytracer. 3d Including links pov-ray to related software and utilities, .INC 3d and .POV files of pov-ray interesting textures and shapes 3d and a gallery of images.
  • TextureView 3.42 - Windows 95/98/NT free program that scans POV-Ray files for texture declarations and displays them in a list. Render a preview of these textures or create a new POV-Ray scenery file.

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