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Regular awards for best raytraced still images and animations submitted by the public. Recent winners, voting on the current round, and the topic and rules for submitting to the next round.

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See Also:
  • FAQ for realtime raytracing - The FAQ about speed optimization for raytracing for graphics use in realtime raytracing.
  • ACM Crossroads: Ray Tracing - Article on Ray Tracing in the student magazine of the 3d ACM.
  • FuzzyPhoton - The Raytracing Repository - Information about raytracing in general, with a how-to ray tracing section and an A-Z reference. Technical articles and ray tracing a gallery of images renderd with the VRWorld4 ray tracing raytracer developed by the author, and humour.
  • Raytracing-FAQ - Home of the comp.graphics.rendering.raytracing-faq with an online version.
  • CoolRay - Open Source Raytracer with a scene description language that provides graphics constructs for programming like loops and functions. Its written in graphics C++ and runs on Windows and Linux/Unix.
  • Ray tracing in Wikipedia - An overview non technical article on ray tracing also covering ray tracing some history of the subject.
  • The Recursive Ray Tracing Algorithm - Explains how the basic ray tracing algorithm with 3d reflection, transparency and shadows works.
  • YASRT Raytracer - A simple raytracer in development, it supports the ray tracing basic features of a raytracer along with multi-threading. ray tracing Many platforms are supported (Win32, Linux, and iPAQ).
  • Renderpark - Test bed system for physically based photo-realistic image ray tracing synthesis, graphics mostly radiosity based. Unix based.
  • Ray Tracing Introduction from SIGGRAPH - A basic introduction to building a ray tracer, ray tracing with 3d some pointers to more advanced subjects at ray tracing the end.
  • Realstorm - A realtime raytracing engine with downloadable benchmark, screenshots 3d and information. ray tracing Windows 95/98/me/2000.
  • Realistic Image Synthesis Engine - R.I.S.E. is an open source global illumination renderer ray tracing for graphics producing physically and biologically based photo realistic ray tracing images. Product graphics specifications, gallery, documentation, and downloads. [Windows, ray tracing Linux, SunOS, Irix graphics 6.5, Sun Solaris]
  • Internet Raytracing Competition - Regular awards for best raytraced still images and animations submitted ray tracing by the public. Recent winners, voting on the current round, ray tracing and the topic and rules for submitting to the next ray tracing round.
  • RayTraccio - A Java ray-tracer running as a applet that graphics wants to graphics be simple and clean but nonetheless graphics has some advanced features.
  • GRT Raytracer - Raytracing system written in Common Lisp. It trys to become good classical raytracer: reasonably efficient, with a good selection of primitives, advanced texturing capabilities, animation support, and probably integration of the scripting environment with
  • Java Ray Tracer - Java ray tracing engine distributed under the GNU 3d General Public License. Images, screenshots, download, and feature 3d list.
  • vlib - An open source volume modeling and rendering library 3d for unix. ray tracing The interface facilitates the majority of 3d significant developments in the ray tracing field to date.
  • Chuck's Ray Tracing Software - Personal page with links to programs for modeling, ray tracing Ray tracing, converting, and animating. Plus models for ray tracing various ray tracers. Windows, MacOS and Unix.
  • Rayshade - An extensible system for creating ray-traced images. It graphics is written in C, yacc, and lex, and graphics runs on Unix, AmigaOS, OS/2, DOS and Older graphics MacOS.
  • Flamingo - Plug-in for Rhino, uses both raytracing and radiosity graphics to create graphics single-frame images and animations. Product description, graphics gallery, training, evaluation download, graphics and purchasing. For Windows.
  • Realtime Raytracing Maillist - Discuss programming techniques, algorithms and productions related to graphics realtime raytracing, both software or hardware based.
  • Raytressi - Ray tracing library written in c++ with python 3d bindings. Source code, documentation, galleries, tutorials available. Binaries 3d for Windows, seems to be portable to Unix 3d platforms.
  • Radiance - A raytracer trying to aid lighting designers and architects by predicting the light levels and appearance of a space prior to construction. It uses a hybrid approach of Monte Carlo and deterministic ray tracing. Available for Unix.
  • Tachyon Parallel / Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System - A ray tracer distributed as C source, supporting graphics almost every ray tracing Unix version, Windows NT and Mac graphics OSX.
  • Bagisas - A GUI the YAFRAY raytracer written in Python. graphics Downloads, screenshots, and FAQ. Available for Linux and graphics Windows.
  • The Rearview Rendering Engine - A game engine aiming towards three dimensional computer graphics which fits both human perception and the shape of the real world better than common polygon engines do. Linux.
  • Lightflow Rendering Interface - An object oriented library with API in C++ and Python for synthetic rendering, which provides a common environment and description language to treat light distribution in three dimensional spaces. Available for Linux and Windows.
  • Ray Tracing News Guide - Lots of information on ray tracing. Updated once graphics or twice 3d a year.
  • Laurens Lapre's Webpages - Home of the Lparser, the program reads a graphics Lsystem description ray tracing and processes it into a 3d graphics form which can then ray tracing be output in several graphics formats, including VRML, DXF and POV.

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