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Splatting is a fast volume rendering algorithm which achieves its speed by projecting voxels in the form of pre-integrated interpolation kernels, or splats. By Klaus Mueller and Roger Crawfis.

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  • Image-based Rendering and Reconstruction of Surfaces with Arbitrary BRDFs - A project trying to capture the surface properties of real-life research and papers objects that cannot be effectively captured by any existing lighting research and papers models (such as Phong).
  • Eric Haines' homepage - Links, PowerPoint slides from talks, publications and imagery ray tracing mostly 3d relating to ray tracing and nearby subjects.
  • Symplectic Raytracing: Raytracing with Hamiltonian Dynamics in Blackhole Spacetime - Describes a method to visualize the curved spacetime 3d around blackholes. 3d By Tetsu Satoh, Haruo Takemura and 3d Naokazu Yokoya.[PDF]
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Keller - Papers about Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods, highly uniform point sets, particle methods for transport equations and wavelets and the lifting scheme.
  • Computer Graphics Research Group, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium - Research mostly center around global illumination and monte carlo ray ray tracing tracing. Contains some environment maps, a description of a Cornell ray tracing box experiment, Publications and the RenderPark ray tracer.
  • Metropolis Light Transport - Eric Veach and Leonidas J. Guibas describes a research and papers research and papers method for solving the light transport problem that research and papers research and papers performs especially well on problems that are usually research and papers research and papers considered difficult, e.g. those involving bright indirect light, research and papers research and papers small geometric holes, or glossy surf
  • Philip DutrĂ©'s Publications - Mostly relating to global illumination algorithms and monte carlo light 3d tracing.
  • Radiosity: An Illuminating Perspective - Presents a summary of the state of radiosity research and papers research and papers research 1992 by S.M Drucker. In PDF format.[PDF]
  • All-Frequency Shadows - Ren Ng, Ravi Ramamoorthi and Pat Hanrahan presents ray tracing a ray tracing method, based on pre-computed light transport, for ray tracing real-time rendering ray tracing of objects under all-frequency, time-varying illumination ray tracing represented as a ray tracing high-resolution environment map. This gives ray tracing good shadows
  • Animation and Rendering of Complex Water Surfaces - Douglas Enright, Steve Marschner and Ronald Fedkiw describes a method 3d designed to produce visually plausible water effects, for example the 3d pouring of water into a glass and the breaking of 3d an ocean wave.
  • Robust Monte Carlo Methods for Light Transport Simulation - Eric Veach Ph.D. dissertation describes light transport problems in computer research and papers graphics and develops new Monte Carlo techniques that greatly extend research and papers the range of input models for which light transport simulations research and papers are practical.
  • Global Illumination Compendium by Philip DutrĂ© - A compendium containing most of the useful formulas research and papers ray tracing and equations for global illumination algorithms.
  • Eliminating Popping Artifacts in Sheet Buffer-Based Splatting - Splatting is a fast volume rendering algorithm which ray tracing achieves research and papers its speed by projecting voxels in the ray tracing form of research and papers pre-integrated interpolation kernels, or splats. By ray tracing Klaus Mueller and research and papers Roger Crawfis.
  • Jules Bloomenthal Published Papers - Papers relating to Character Animation, Implicit and Skeletal ray tracing Modeling, research and papers Implicit Surface Polygonization, Convolution Surfaces and Transformations ray tracing and Geometry.
  • Improved Noise by Ken Perlin, Reference Implementation - An implementation in java of Perlin\\'s 2002 SIGGRAPH 3d paper (available in PDF format) describing a improved 3d noise generating function.
  • Radiance Technical Papers - Various papers describing the free radiance highly accurate ray-tracing software research and papers system for UNIX computers.
  • Henrik Wann Jensen's Publications - A list of publications mainly about Photon Mapping, 3d Global Illumination research and papers and rendering natural phenomenon such as 3d fire, skin and smoke.
  • Volume Graphics: Field-based Modelling and Rendering - A PhD thesis in PDF format, introducing new volume graphics concepts. Includes background reviews of volume visualization and graphics. Also includes a specification of the vlib volume graphics API and describes volumetric ray-tracing.[PDF]
  • Smoke Simulation for Large Scale Phenomenas - Nick Rasmussen, Duc Quang Nguyen, Willi Geiger and 3d Ronald Fedkiw ray tracing presents an efficient method for simulating 3d highly detailed large scale ray tracing participating media such as 3d nuclear explosions.
  • The OpenRT Interactive RayTracing Project - A new interface that is supposed to become the OpenGL of interactive ray tracing. Contains publications, gallery and some links.
  • Graphics paper indexes - Indexes for online version of papers from SIGGRAPH research and papers research and papers and various other conferences.
  • Amorphous Phenomena Simulation - Papers describing various physically accurate simulations of complex ray tracing amorphous 3d phenomena such as smoke, fire, wind and ray tracing melting at 3d real time frame rates using standard ray tracing PCs and graphics 3d hardware.
  • Ray Tracing Bibliography - Over 700 bibliographic references and some 300 abstracts from ray tracing related papers and books. Not updated since 1999 but much of the information is still useful.
  • Ray Tracing on Programmable Graphics Hardware - Timothy J. Purcell, Ian Buck, William R. Mark, and Pat Hanrahan evaluate trends in programmability of the graphics pipeline and explain how ray tracing can be mapped to graphics hardware.
  • Visual Simulation Group, University of Utah - Projects cover terrain modeling, interactive ray tracing and research and papers perception of images. Member list, publications, link collection research and papers and various resources such as spectral data for research and papers natural materials.
  • Efficient Image-Based Methods for Rendering Soft Shadows - Presents two efficient image-based approaches for computation and display of 3d high-quality soft shadows from area light sources: Layered attenuation maps 3d and coherence-based raytracing. Authors: Maneesh Agrawala, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Alan Heirich 3d and Laurent
  • Bidirectional Estimators for Light Transport - Eric Veach and Leonidas J. Guibas study techniques for reducing 3d the sampling noise inherent in pure Monte Carlo approaches to 3d global illumination.
  • Andrew Winter's Volume Graphics Publications - Andrew Winter\\'s published papers discussing volume visualization and research and papers research and papers volume graphics.

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