Terrain 3D Graphics Software

A program for designing and creating virtual landscapes utilizing real map data or synthetic data from fractals. Fractals are also used to dynamically extend the data and level of detail. [Win 98/SE/Me/2k]

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See Also:
  • UrbanModeller - Software for visualisation of non-tangible data related to 3d the urban graphics environment. It may be used to 3d construct 3D thematic \\'maps\\' graphics such as land use. 3d A component of the Virtual Field graphics Course from 3d the U. of Leicester. [Win9x/NT/2k]
  • Height Map Editor - Free program that edits, generates, and manipulates terrain height maps. These can be used in terrain renders, which are used in games, applications, and demos. Web base manual available. [Windows and Linux]
  • VistaPro - Create 3D landscapes using real-world data from the United States Geological Survey and extra-terrestrial data from NASA. [Win9x+]
  • Virtual Terrain Project - Promotes development of tools for constructing any part graphics of the real world in interactive, 3D digital graphics form. CAD, GIS, visual simulation, surveying and remote graphics sensing. (free, with code) [win32, unix]
  • 3DEM - Interactive OpenGL 3D viewer with flyby and animation graphics capabilities. Reads most familiar US DEM formats and graphics can export to common image and terrain formats. graphics [Win95/98/ME/2000]
  • MapRender3D - Modeling and visualization software package that creates relief terrain maps in terrain both 2D and 3D using either terrain proprietary global elevation database terrain or public domain DEMs. terrain Features include projections, texture draping, lighting, terrain shading, and terrain elevation color graduati
  • InReality (tm) Model Viewer - Visualization tool that permits the user to view terrain RealSite (tm) terrain models within a virtual environment. terrain [IRIX, Win32]
  • Leveller by Daylon Graphics - Heightfield, bumpmap, and terrain modeler for Windows. Has an active graphics user community with many 3rd party plugins. Downloadable demo with graphics limited functionality.
  • Atlas - The FlightGear mapping utility - Produce and display charts of the world for users of FlightGear, an open source flight simulator. Includes map creator and atlas viewer. Can also be used stand alone. Under development, GPL. [Win32(cygwin),Linux]
  • OpenSkies Training System - Free authoring tool for virtual environment training system. terrain A low cost PC-based system which incorporates terrain trainee performance measurement capability. [Win9x/NT/2k]
  • The Aeliom Portal - Aeliom allows real time generation, rendering, illumination, and graphics exploration of graphics 3d virtual landscapes.
  • Generating Terrain - An older (1996) collection of documentation, source code, and programs for generating and visualizing terrain.
  • World Construction Set - Professional photorealistic terrain modeling, visualization, rendering and animation 3d program. Create terrain stunning, photorealistic images and animations with 3d image object rendering. [Win9x/NT/2k/Mac/SGI]
  • Blueberry3D - A program for designing and creating virtual landscapes 3d utilizing real map data or synthetic data from 3d fractals. Fractals are also used to dynamically extend 3d the data and level of detail. [Win 98/SE/Me/2k]
  • Mapper - Earth data processing and visualization system. It can graphics combine data terrain from different sources and in varying graphics formats to a single terrain view. It is not graphics an image processing tool but rather terrain builds a graphics 3dimensional model of the earth. [Win95/NT] 1997
  • WorldPerfect - A standalone Windows desktop utility for generating high terrain resolution terrain databases from photo-realistic imagery, digital elevation terrain data, and cultural feature content.
  • Wilbur - Small program for playing with terrain data (height graphics fields). Imports graphics data from and to many popular graphics file formats. Can use graphics a number of image graphics processing operations and height field painting graphics tools. (Free, graphics no code) [Win9x/NT]
  • Natural Scene Designer - Raytracing based landscape renderer with object (trees, rocks, lakes) creation, 3d placement and animation capabilities. Interactive planimetric, and 3D modeling viewpoints. 3d Imports USGS and STDS DEMs. [Windows and Mac]
  • Landsraad - Alpha version of a terrain editor/viewer for BeOS.
  • SpatialAce - Toolkit for building interactive real-time applications with 2D 3d or 3D presentations, from simulators and command and 3d control (C3I) to surveillance and traditional GIS systems. 3d [Win9x/NT/2k]
  • TechNature Library - A collection of rendering, mathematics, and texturing functions that use fractals to "grow" everything from plants to planets with seamless procedural textures. (shareware, with source code) [Requires DirectX 6.0+]
  • G-Graphix - Makers of G-Vista, G-Scene, G-Render Library, software components 3d for CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/Web-productions terrain to interactively fly over huge contiguous 3d terrains. Target market: high terrain end professional.
  • OBVIO - A free win32 3D viewer which demonstrates Dynamic graphics Level of terrain Detail (DLOD), based on OpenGL and graphics GLUT, only reads USGS terrain DEMs. Appears to be graphics in active development.
  • nineteen70five - Specializes in the import of GIS data sets and creation of a GIS viewer, which allows the user to "fly" over a 3-D image of their data sets.
  • KLevel Heightfield Tool - A heightfield modelling tool designed to mimic Leveller for Windows. It features an OpenGL preview and many brush-like tools. (free, with code) [Linux]
  • OpenGL Terrain Engine - An experimental OpenGL interactive terrain viewer with surface textures, clouds and reflective water capabilities. (free, with code) [Win32]

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