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Bookie is an application which keeps all your bookmarks on a central server so that you can access bookmarks from anywhere on the web.

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See Also:
  • BookmarksHome - Makes a startup page out of your bookmarks. The layout of this page is fully customizable.
  • Page Bookmarks - Saves scroll positions of the page that is extensions currently being extensions viewed in browser to later resume extensions one of those positions.
  • Firesort - A graphical utility that can alphabetically sort standard Mozilla based bookmarks bookmark files.
  • WebLinks from QuickTools - A facility to share Links (URLs like bookmarks) with friends.
  • Bookie - Bookie is an application which keeps all your seamonkey bookmarks on bookmarks a central server so that you seamonkey can access bookmarks from bookmarks anywhere on the web.
  • wwwampire - Aims to create an architecture for sharing extended bookmarks bookmarks and using them for various purposes.

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