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  • Java Telnet/SSH Applet - Open source, fully featured Telnet/SSH applet/application with embedded VT320/ANSI emulation. internet It can be used to provide access to telnet services internet via a java capable WWW browser.
  • GTW420 - Terminal emulation software for telnet operations for VT220/VT420/ANSI telnet terminals.
  • BetterTelnet - for Mac OS
  • ZOC - A telnet client, secure shell client and telnet terminal emulator that allows a PC to telnet connect to hosts and mainframes via telnet telnet, secure shell (SSH/SSH2) modem, serial cable or telnet ISDN.
  • LiTE / STEP++ from - Connectivity software products that connect to Linux, SCO UNIX, AIX, and AMOS hosts.
  • Telnet for Unix Terminals - Unix systems with PowerTerm terminal emulation. It is optimized for telnet supporting Windows 3.1/95/98/NT platforms.
  • - Provides information and resources on telnet applications and clients the protocol clients itself.
  • taTelnet - Free (under the GNU General Public License) cross-platform internet Telnet program telnet with versions for Windows and GNU/Linux.
  • Useless Telnet - A 3D Telnet client for Windows that displays telnet its output telnet like a Star Wars crawl.
  • Powerlan-USA Terminal Emulators - Mac and Windows ports of terminals such as telnet Webterm, 5pm Term, WebTerm X and eXodus.
  • NetTerm from Intersoft - Performs telnet and dialup. Supports BBSes, Zmodem, and telnet optimization for various online/dialup databases.

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