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Windows-32 Telnet client for use with a Unix shell account. It shows Unix files in a Windows Explorer manner for easy navigation and file management.

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See Also:
  • PowerTerm InterConnect - tn3270 and tn5250 terminal emulation software for IBM telnet terminals.
  • Tera Term - Free Telnet client for Windows (16 and 32 bit). Source code and a Secure Shell extension available.
  • Rudenko ShellTelnet - Windows-32 Telnet client for use with a Unix clients shell account. It shows Unix files in a clients Windows Explorer manner for easy navigation and file clients management.
  • EasyTerm - A freeware Telnet terminal client for 32-bit Windows.
  • MochaSoft - Software development company specializing in communication software. They clients sell Telnet, TN3270, TN5250 and LPD products for clients Windows-95/98/3.11, Macintosh, Java and PalmPilot.
  • dtelnet - Open source telnet client for Windows 16/32.
  • JET Java Applet Emulators - IBM 3270 and Tandem 6530 terminal emulators and APIs for Java.
  • CRT - Very popular Win32 client.
  • Pueblo/UE - Free, open source client for Windows with support clients for in-line HTML.
  • Ericom - the developer of the PowerTerm series of terminal clients emulation products. pc-to-host They support a full line of clients emulation types, including IBM pc-to-host (TN3270E, 3270, 3278), Digital clients (VT520, VT420,VT320,T220), Wyse and General Data.
  • Rasmussen Software, Inc. - Telnet clients for Winsock TCP/IP and Serial connections.
  • PuTTY - A free telnet and SSH Client for Windows pc-to-host and Unix telnet platforms. Includes FAQ, documentation and contact pc-to-host information.
  • Nexus Mainframe Terminal - A telnet 3270, 5250, VT and ANSI terminal telnet and printer pc-to-host client. It also includes a FTP telnet client. It has support pc-to-host for recording, script and telnet HLLAPI, and the LPD protocol is pc-to-host supported by telnet the printer emulator. Both the terminal and the pc-to-host telnet printer emulator have suppor
  • Console Telnet - A free, open source client for Windows. Includes telnet screenshots, documentation telnet and a collection of useful links.
  • J-Term Professional - Shareware telnet client for Windows with Pascal-based script language and pc-to-host an FTP client.
  • Vista tn3270 - Windows 3270 terminal emulator from Tom Brennan Software. telnet Free trial version available.
  • TN3270, TN5250 and VT100 terminal emulation for Windows. - TN3270 Plus includes terminal emulation for 3270, 5250 pc-to-host and VT100 telnet terminals and an integrated set of pc-to-host TCP/IP utilities in a telnet compact easy to use pc-to-host product.

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