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Drop in module for the Apache web server that provides powerful, flexible and seamless load balancing of heterogeneous server clusters.

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See Also:
  • Does Consulting - Offer services within configuration, administration, and maintenance of load balancers. Based in Boise, Idaho.
  • Geo Redirect Traffic Management - Traffic management and redirection software based upon the surfers geo internet graphical data. Commercial product.
  • Turbolinux Cluster Server - Linux-based application clusters servers running Linux, Windows and Solaris.
  • BalanceNG - BalanceNG is an IP load balancing software solution site management running load balancing on Linux or Solaris.
  • Super Sparrow - Open Source Global content distribution and load balancing site management using load balancing BGP routing information.
  • Pen - A load balancer for simple tcp based protocols load balancing such as http or smtp for Unix.
  • Load Balancer Appliances - Provide loadbalancer hardware appliances and software solutions.
  • Citrix - Global application service provider offering hosting and colocation services as site management well as training and certification for their software.
  • Local Mirror - Content delivery network service company offering static and streaming content delivery.
  • Linux Virtual Server Project - Complete Open Source solution to build clusters of site management Linux machines.
  • Elfiq Link Load Balancer - Provides redundant connectivity by load balancing multiple Internet and private load balancing links from various providers.
  • Radware - Server load balancing tools for IP traffic management.
  • F5 Networks, Inc. - Provides integrated traffic management software-based solutions designed to improve the availability and performance of mission-critical internet-based servers and applications. (Nasdaq: FFIV).
  • Load balancing definition - PC Webopedia entry for "load balancing".
  • Queue - GNU load-balancing/distributed batch processing utility and local rsh load balancing replacement.
  • Resonate - Makers of Central Dispatch (load-balancing) and Global Dispatch (DNS-based wide-area load balancing). The software runs on a variety of Unix systems.
  • Network Physics, Inc. - Internet traffic controller to reduce bandwidth costs and internet stabilize routers.
  • Ultra Monkey - Project to create load balanced and highly available site management services on a local area network using Open site management Source components on the Linux Operating System.
  • Load Balancing Your Web Site - Round-Robin DNS vs. Proxying. From: Web Techniques Magazine.
  • mod_backhand - Drop in module for the Apache web server load balancing that internet provides powerful, flexible and seamless load balancing load balancing of heterogeneous internet server clusters.
  • Uni Tech - Creates high availability and load balancing of Internet servers by site management distributing traffic according to client proximity, server load and network site management health.
  • SysMaster - Offers network appliances for network infrastructure management through load balancing server load balancing load balancers, firewalls, Internet gateways, cache controllers, load balancing and traffic load balancing monitors.
  • Akamai - Offers site infrastructure management and load balancing products site management and internet services.
  • Citrix NetScaler - Offers web traffic management products for load balancing, content delivery, and security.
  • Auto Failover - Offers load balancing and server monitoring services.
  • Linux Network Address Translation - A survey of Linux NAT technologies, including loads of information/pointers site management on load balancing.
  • Coyote Point - Offers load balancing and web infrastructure services for load balancing both internet intranet and extranets.
  • Astrocom Corp - PowerLink multi-homing WAN failover and backup solutions. WAN internet high availability, bandwidth aggregation, and ISP failover at internet an affordable price.
  • balance - An Open Source load balancing TCP proxy.
  • FatPipe Networks - Provides router clustering with load balancing and failover of Internet site management lines.
  • KEMP Technologies - Offering Internet traffic management solutions covering load balancing, network monitoring, internet content switching and clustering.
  • SciVisum Ltd. - Software measures the impact of load/stress on both site management timing site management and error rates for web servers.
  • Xrio - Manufacturers of the Unified Bandwidth Management (UBM) range site management of internet load balancing routers. Includes product information, support site management and information internet about industry solutions.
  • Certeon Inc. - HTTP and HTTPS accelerators for management and sharing load balancing of applications, files, and video and audio streams load balancing over distributed networks.
  • Tractionet - Offers refurbished servers, load balancers, and consulting services.

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