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  • GNewsTicker - Smalll gnome-panel news ticker application for rss feeds.
  • Pan Newsreader - A multithreaded Usenet newsreader for GNOME. It is gnome loosely modeled gnome after the Windows program Agent. It gnome features relatively easy decoding gnome of binaries and automatic gnome grouping of multipart posts. It works gnome with servers gnome on non-standard NNTP ports and is configu
  • Straw - A desktop news aggregator. With project information, news, and downloads.
  • SCREEM - Site CReating and Editing EnvironMent - a website internet editing/management program desktop environments for Gnome.
  • Gnome SNMP Manager Project - This is a project to create a snmp gnome management solution desktop environments for GNOME.
  • Balsa - A GNOME email client, supports POP3 and IMAP4.
  • Pidgin - An instant messaging client, which can handle multiple internet protocols, including desktop environments AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber, internet and Gadu-Gadu. [Windows, Unix]
  • Gabber: The GNOME Jabber Client - Jabber is an Open Source instant messaging system which can gnome communicate with many other systems, including ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, gnome and even IRC. Gabber is one of many Jabber clients.
  • Glitter - A binary newsreader. It captures pics, vids, posted to USENET Newsgroups with minimal user intervention.
  • GICQ - An ICQ-compatible instant messaging client for Unix systems.

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