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A fast and light symbolic calculator for the GNOME desktop environment. It aims to occupy the middle ground between simple point-and-click calculators and full featured mathematical packages.

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See Also:
  • GnuCash - An application aimed at personal finances and home desktop environments users.
  • Gnumeric - A spreadsheet. It is part of the GNOME gnome desktop environment.
  • Gnome Office - Meta-project to coordinate productivity applications for Gnome Desktop: AbiWord word desktop environments processor, Gnumeric spreadsheet, and Gnome-DB data access components.
  • gEdit - Lightweight but powerful text editor of the GNOME desktop environments project.
  • rCalc - A fast and light symbolic calculator for the gnome GNOME desktop desktop environments environment. It aims to occupy the gnome middle ground between simple desktop environments point-and-click calculators and gnome full featured mathematical packages.
  • Evolution - Contact manager, address manager and calendar for Gnome.
  • Dia - A diagram creation tool that supports UML modeling productivity and runs productivity primarily on Linux but also Windows productivity and Irix. The interface productivity is similar to productivity the commercial Microsoft Visio. [Open Source, productivity GPL]

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